Russian grain rooted: exports in 2011 will exceed 20 million tons


Yesterday at the White House for the first time officially recorded that all the predictions of good harvest of grain is completely true, the Russian wheat exports at times exceeded exports its main competitor, the Ukraine, and returned to pre-crisis level of 2009 — more than 20 million tons. Simultaneously with the harvest in the government stated the return of the old structural problems of the market: high rail fare, grain shortages, restrictions on port facilities. The problems are encouraged to address temporary benefits to agricultural producers in Siberia and the Urals.

As reported yesterday, First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, by mid-September harvested 74.1 million tons of grain, which was 2% more than the harvest at this time in the prosperous 2009. Yesterday Viktor Zubkov said, and a record level of exports — in August were exported 3.2 million tons of wheat. All in all, after the government on July 1 of this year to lift the embargo on the export of wheat were exported 7.2 million tons.

Based on these data, Viktor Zubkov has concluded that the initial expectations of the White House and the Ministry of Agriculture to harvest in the amount of 90 million tons is fully justified. "Given the carryover stocks, reserves of state intervention fund, as well as the forecast for cleaning the remaining acreage harvested allows you to fully meet the needs of the country and restore export potential." At a White House meeting Viktor Zubkov said that "now the most important export grain." He made no secret that he expects to maximum use of port facilities, saying that "20 million tons is not the limit." But the results of the first two months of the Russian wheat exports at times surpassed the export of its main competitor — Ukraine. Export duties, which entered the Ukrainian authorities as a measure against crop failure last year, led to the export of Ukrainian wheat in July 2011 decreased by 3.9 times compared to last year, to 380 thousand tons.

Russian companies are prepared to lift the embargo, formed their stocks due to low prices in the domestic market in April and May. The price was reduced because of the embargo and sales of grain from the intervention fund, explained, "b" record levels of exports in August, executive director of the center, "Sovekon" Andrei Sizov, "It is not necessary to project the situation in August-September in the rest of the season." According to experts, are now beginning to automatically turn restrictions: a serious increase in the domestic price in the export-oriented regions and increased competition in foreign markets. "The first tenders for the supply of wheat won, giving the offer of $ 40 per tonne lower than France. Now spread shrank to $ 07.08 per ton, "- he said.

Good harvest and returned the old structural problems — a high tariff for railway transportation, grain shortages and restrictions on port facilities. At a meeting at the White House noted that in the port of Novorossiysk is a traffic jam of more than 2 million grain. Another problem — the rates that make unprofitable grain transportation by rail. According to the First Vice-Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Edkham Akbulatov, at a cost of 3.5 million rubles. transport costs per tonne of wheat to the Central Krasnoyarsk Russia are 3.2 thousand rubles. per ton.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexander Pietrykaŭ yesterday reported that the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared proposals to reduce by half the tariff for transportation of grain from Siberia and the Urals in the Black Sea ports and a third for transport to the Far East ports. MoT until the agreed tariff reduction only for the regions of Siberia in denying this privilege Urals. In turn, attended a meeting of the chief directorate of traffic control RZD Pavel Ivanov said: the company in the course of reforming the power on the transport of grain lost. Viktor Zubkov demanded an agreement on tariffs today at a special meeting at the White House — there in a hurry due to independent carriers.

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