Russian has become the second most popular language of the Internet

OnAccording w3techson March 19, 2013, Russian walked German and became the second most spoken language of the web.

  • Russian language is used 5.9% of all Internet sites.

Domain. Ru became the most popular national TLD in September 2011, and since then has continuously increasing its popularity. Russian language is not only used by 89.8% of sites in the domain zone. Ru, but also in 88.7% of the sites that use the domain of the former Soviet Union. Su (which, logically, should lose popularity, but in practice the situation is the opposite.) Russian is also the most commonly used language in the Internet space of several post-Soviet republics: it is used by 79.0% of the sites in Ukraine, 86.9% of sites in Belarus, 84.0% of the sites in Kazakhstan, 79.6% of the sites in Uzbekistan, 75.9 % of sites in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, 81.8% of the sites.

On popular resource position of the Russian language is weaker. It is only in 6th place on the frequency of use on thousands of the most visited sites on the Internet, after English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese.

The majority (62.0%), Russian sites now use UTF-8, 37.5% of the pages in the Russian use Windows-1251 and KOI8-R is still used by 0.4% of the pages headings.

Analyzing trends, it can be concluded that in the foreseeable future will remain at the Russian takes the second place. In the future, the most logical candidate for the position of second most popular web language is Chinese, but at the moment it is still a considerable gap.

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