Russian has created a program to spy on the flashing lights

Russian programmer has achieved publication in the App Store apps for iPhone, controls the execution of the decree of the special signals



A recent presidential decree sets the exact number of cars that are allowed to have flashing lights. A total of 569. Russian programmer wrote the application for the iPhone, which allows to identify illegally installed special signals. However, the App Store at first denied publishing program. Life News correspondent says the author of the program Edgar Davtyan: — Initially I was turned down on the grounds that my program publishes pictures of cars with number signs. However, in the App Store already have an application which publishes similar data. Edgar wrote an appeal, contacted representatives of the App Store in the U.S. and proved his innocence. Today the program "flashers" finally appeared in the catalog of programs. — The idea of the program came to me when I learned about the decree, — says the programmer. — I wondered how you can keep track of those who use illegal flashing lights, and decided to write this application. The "flashers" allows you to take pictures of the car with special signals, adding to a photo location data, as well as the date and time. Additionally, you can mark a violation of traffic rules machine. The data are flocking to the server developer, refined and processed. Edgar Davtyan plans to transfer summary reports to the competent authorities, as well as in the media. The collected statistics show how many vehicles with special signals goes on the road and how they allowed more than 569 cars. Developer plans to release a version for Android-based smartphones.

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