Russian helicopter set a world record for altitude

The latest Russian Mi-38 in the FIFA World Helicopter Championships set a new world record for altitude, told reporters Monday’s press secretary holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Roman Kirillov. Fourteenth World Cup Helicopter Championships was held from 22 to 26 August at the airport "Drakino" in the Moscow suburbs. It was attended by athletes from 11 countries (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the UK, Germany, China, Poland, Ukraine, France, Switzerland and Russia). "In the championship of the new passenger transport helicopter Mi-38, one of the latest Russian developments, overcame a height of 8600 meters and set a new world altitude record in the class E-1h, FAI category for helicopters take-off weight of 10 to 20 tons "- said Kirillov. Record set by test pilots Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Mile (part of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia"): Crew commander Vladimir Kutanin, Salavat Sadriev co-pilot, navigator, test Oleg REPIT, chief engineer for flight tests Igor Klevantsov. «Previous record height at 8,500 meters was obtained in flight tests and Russian pilots. The current record was officially registered and will go down in the history of world aviation ", — said Kirill. Multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38 can be used for the transport of goods and passengers, to be used as a search and rescue helicopter and a flying hospital to fly over water. It is superior to other helicopters class load, capacity, and most of the passengers of performance. The Mi-38 is equipped with an emergency water landing, it can be operated at any time of day, in different weather and climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 60 degrees. Serial production is planned for 2015.

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