Russian Helicopters delivered ahead of schedule 5 Emergency helicopters

The contract for the supply of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of five rescue helicopters Ka-32A11VS fulfilled ahead of schedule

"The Last of the party, the fifth rescue helicopter Ka-handed 32A11VS MOE. It is equipped with a sanitary option, and prepared for the installation of fire fighting equipment, "- said the holding company" Helicopters of Russia ".

The report notes that the delivery of five Ka-32A11VS performed at 6 months ahead of time provided for in the contract with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, concluded in 2009.

According to the helicopter group, all helicopters are equipped with medical modules produced by JSC "Kamov" certified by the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development.

"These helicopters will be used to patrol the highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg as part of the Road Safety on federal highways of the Russian Federation", — said the press service of the company.

Earlier it was reported that a joint comprehensive program to ensure the aircraft and rescue units Emergency Russian helicopter technology involves the supply of helicopters to create a complex security infrastructure of federal highways using aircraft technology, air rescue service with the features of air ambulance in the subjects of the Russian Federation, and helicopter ambulances. It is assumed that by the end of the program to the needs of the new group of the Office of Aviation Helicopter Emergency Situations Ministry can be purchased 62 light and 123 medium-sized helicopter.

According to experts, the Ka-32A11VS are some of the best search and rescue and fire-fighting helicopters in the world. Recently, the Ka-32A and Mi-26T Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, equipped with external devices spillway, took part in extinguishing the massive fire in northern Moscow area of about 1 million square meters. meters. Thanks to their efficient operation of the fire was contained and extinguished in time.

Earlier, in April, helicopters Ka-32A extinguished the fire that erupted on the 66th and 67th floors of the tower high-rise complex "Moscow-City". The use of other fire-fighting equipment at that height was impossible, and helicopters were the only effective tool that can eliminate the fire on the upper floors of the building.

According to state-and-rescue aircraft structures and commercial operating companies around the world helicopters Ka-32A successfully are on duty for firefighters, public order, are involved in the rescue and evacuation of wounded, sick and injured from the zones of natural disasters, law enforcement special operations , patrolling the borders.

The Ka-32A11VS — medium multirole helicopter for operation day and night and adverse weather conditions. The helicopter is unique as a cargo carrier on an external sling and as a "flying crane" high-rise construction. The coaxial scheme carrier system Ka-32A11VS has a number of important advantages in precision hovering and maneuvering the helicopter, which allows him to carry out installation work of high complexity. Ka-32A11VS can perform a wide range of rescue, fire works, including horizontal high-rise fire fighting, is effective for rescue and medical evacuation operations.

Today Ka-32A11VS certified in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Since 2011, the helicopter is certificated in Brazil, India, since 2009 — in Europe (type certificate EASA.IM.R.133). In 2008, Ka-32A11VS received a certificate in Japan, China and Indonesia, in 2007 — in Chile and South Korea, in 2005 — in Mexico. In 2006, Canada issued a helicopter addition to the certificate of airworthiness, air traffic service provides an opportunity passengers (the certificate was issued by Canada helicopter in 1998). Ka-32A11VS designed CB "Kamov" within the holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

Production in Ka-32A11VS adjusted at the factory in Kumertau. To date, more than 160 cars built Ka-32, about half of them used in more than 30 countries.

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