Russian hockey team celebrates a victory the whole country

Russian hockey players — favorites of the World Hockey! In the final match 6-2, they defeated rivals from Slovakia. However, the first meeting of the Russians forced jittery own fans. They even had to recoup. But then wards Zinetula Bilyaletdinov showed real championship game. At this superiority of our players have not lost the 1st match. And deservedly — in the fourth time in history — are of strongest on the planet. Fans celebrated the victory in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Just finish whistle sounded Czech judges and fans hockey team RF right behind the hockey players began to dance. In Moscow and St. Petersburg before midnight had 20 minutes in the Urals hour clock showed 40 and Siberia were 20 without three.

In general, no more first match belief in the victory was not — catch courage Slovaks immediately opened the account. Mother Russian frontline Alexander Svitova Natalia watched the game at home in Omsk. After the puck skipped words of support to her friends called.
"Victory want everything. They say, do not worry! And I worry all the same," — said Natalia Svitova.

Semin puck response on the banks of the Volga met unanimous glee. A year earlier coaching tandem Bilyaletdinov — Belov worked in Kazan "Ak Bars", and at the moment under its control Team on the way to the end won nine games in a row. Fans of this team has been associated with the famous team of the 80s.

Creator of the second Russian washers — Alexander Perezhogin. It clearly shows the Russians brought forward and amused his most loyal cheerleader.
"This year I turned 50, and Russian national team gave me another gift. Birthday day I May 9. My name is Victoria. All of your friends now call me "Mommy victorious," — said Victoria Perezhogina.

In the 2nd period the benefit of Russian national team has become overwhelming — Smiles at the Russian fans were just three. Dvadtsatiminutka This was a turning point in the whole match.

Last puck crosses the Russians Evgeni Malkin, recognized the best in this tournament. In native of Magnitogorsk, Malkin end watches and facing one of his first mentors Sergei Zinoviev.

After that, the championship will be Sergei Zinoviev deserved trainer RF. In addition to Malkin in the Champions League two Ural pupil Zinov — Evgeny Biryukov and Nikolai Kulemin.

2nd victory 6-2, and the tenth in a row at the World Cup. Such compelling advantages of the teams in global fora hockey was not long ago. Bars of happy fans take to the streets of cities. Filled car Nevsky Prospect. Hum bikes disturbs the tranquility of night Yekaterinburg. Russian flags appear on the streets of the working Magnitogorsk — Russian national team re of strongest in the world!

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