Russian human capital estimated above U.S. GDP

The cost of Russia’s human capital is 600 trillion rubles (about $ 18 trillion). As in the issue of October 12 the newspaper "Vedomosti", the experts gave this assessment of the Higher School of Economics. For comparison, the GDP of the world’s largest economy — the U.S. — is less than $ 15 trillion. The report is compiled director of the Center for Labor Studies Higher School of Economics Rostislav Kapelyushnikov. According to estimates of the HSE, the "cost" of every Russian in prices in 2010 was six million rubles. In this case, the value of Russian human capital is 13 times greater than the annual GDP of the country and 5.5 times — the total value of all physical capital. In the years 2002-2010 the human capital rose in price by more than 10 percent a year for eight years, its cost has doubled. In Russia, the human resource is divided unevenly youth ranks higher elderly, and men — 1.5 times richer than women. Thus on citizens from 15 to 34 years accounted for 67 percent of the human capital (in the U.S. on the same group — 58 percent), while those with higher, incomplete higher and secondary vocational education — 69 per cent (in the U.S. — 43 percent). Purchasing power parity Russian human capital valued at $ 40 trillion. For each it will be 400 thousand dollars. For comparison, in the United States, every citizen is estimated at 649,000 dollars, and in Romanian — to 79,000. Under the human capital refers to the knowledge, skills and abilities of people with which they create personal wealth and national wealth. At its assessment takes into account the discounted (reduced to present value) the price of all goods and services that it can produce. Under the physical capital refers to the total value of all assets owned by the citizens of a country. The vast majority of human capital is more expensive than the physical.

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