Russian icebreaker fleet (photo)

  • Icebreaker "Russia"

Russia has the most powerful icebreaker fleet in the world and the unique experience of design, construction and operation of such ships. Its mission — to ensure the stable operation of the Northern Sea Route, as well as access to the Far North and the Arctic shelf.


Icebreaker "50 Years of Victory"





Icebreaker "Yamal"



Icebreaker "Soviet Union"



Icebreaker "Vaygach"





Icebreaker "Taimyr"



Icebreaker "Academic Treshnikov"




Icebreaker "Akademik Fedorov"



Icebreaker "Moskva"




Multifunctional container ship ice class "Rossita"



Icebreaker "St. Petersburg"



Icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin"



Icebreaker "Kapitan Sorokin"




Icebreaker "Kapitan Nikolaev"


Icebreaker "Kapitan Khlebnikov"



Icebreaker "Norilsk Nickel"



Ice breaker "Varandey"




Multifunctional icebreaking vessel "Yury Topchev"



Multifunctional icebreaking vessel "Vladislav Strizhov"



Icebreaker "Ermak"



Icebreaker "Krasin"



Icebreaker "Admiral Makarov"



Icebreaker "NSR"



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