Russian icebreakers are preparing for the new season

Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet is preparing for a new navigation in the Northern Sea Route. This year, the volume of cargo to exceed one million tons. 

In the five months 2011 the nuclear powered icebreakers spent 34 transit of the vessel, the total weight of the cargo was 820 tons. In 2010 year, by comparison, was performed four transit flight and transported 111 tons.

The structure of the modern Russian nuclear fleet, passed in 2008 under the jurisdiction of the State Corporation "Rosatom", consists of four two-reactor icebreakers ("Russia", "Soviet Union", "Yamal", "50 Years of Victory"), two one-pot melkoosadochnyh icebreaker "Taimyr" and "Vaygach" nuclear lighter-container "Northern Sea Route", and five floating technical bases of service. In the process of preparing for the next navigation.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Yamal" come out of the dock (after renovation) tentatively on April 25 and the 20th of any month of May will be fully ready to perform the first transit flight this year. In the late spring — early summer, he will lead the transit to the east two icebreakers "Tor Viking" and "Vidar Viking". One needs to Sakhalin, the second — in the Beaufort Sea, RIA Novosti quoted the words of Deputy Director General for Enterprise Fleet Operations Andrei Smirnov. 


Nuclear powered icebreaker "Taimyr" finished the repairs and now goes to the White Sea, where roughly stay until May 5. 

The world’s largest nuclear-powered icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" , returned this week in Murmansk, is in the dock in preparation for the summer tourist cruises to the North polyus.Ranee "Victory" worked from February 3 to March 7 in the Gulf, and then, without calling in Murmansk, March 17 was replaced in the mouth of the White Sea melkoosadochny icebreaker "Taimyr".


Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Russia" will soon leave for his first trip of the season — on the island Bolshevik, lead ship "Captain Danilkin" with a cargo of gold miners. 



Icebreaker «Vaygach" until the middle of May, before the break-up, will continue to pilot vessels on the Yenisei River and in the Yenisei Bay.



Fleet in Murmansk


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