Russian industrial landscape photo contest

Moscow journalist fund participation in information education program  "Expedition to the industrial Russia" is holding a contest for young photographers who are fond of taking pictures of industrial architecture and industrial facilities.

         All-Russian competition of photos

                     "Industrial Landscape"


 The objectives of the competition
· Increasing young people’s interest to industrial production
· Improve the general concepts of young audiences about contemporary Russian industry
· Identify and support talented youth
The competition invites young people aged between 15 to 35 years from any regions of Russia. 

Conditions of participation
In the competition is open to professional and amateur photographers (single or series of papers) on the announced topic, made in 2011-2012. Photo collages are not accepted.

Works are accepted until September 1, 2012 year.

The winners of the competition will receive cash prizes!

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Industrial architecture utilitarian inside and outside enigmatic. Factories and plants — it’s the whole city, where people are working together with the machines where the secrets of technology and skills, and where trespassing. Outside, you can see the industrial buildings with their beautiful clean lines and shapes, tubes of different lengths and volume, intricate lettering and communications systems. Often these buildings are a hallmark of the countryside.
Announcing a photo contest of industrial architecture among young professionals and amateurs, we hope to get a job, which is expressed not only the author’s view on the visible part of an industrial facility, but his curiosity about what was inside, behind the wall.


The competition has two categories:
Overall nomination
Photos of modern plants, factories, industrial zones, industrial facilities (no restrictions on industries and areas), including works depicting the interior of industrial, interior plants, operating equipment and the creation of new products.

A special category "of Last Things"
Pictures of old or stopped operating plants, factories, businesses, and other industrial facilities.
Set of bidding documents include:
1.Anketu party
2.Konkursnuyu work executed in accordance with the terms of the competition.
One author may submit no more than 5 projects in each category (series counts as one job). Should a member of the photos in a different category is filled with one-form application, which specifies the name of the category and works in each category.
Requirements for registration of works
 Each tender should be accompanied by the following information: author (full name), title, date and place, the name of the pictured object (if the image is self-explanatory, for example, in the image imprinted equipment is desired comment on what kind of equipment and what it is intended comfortable than, etc.).
Photos (color, black and white) are available exclusively in electronic form, of not less than 1MB format jpeg.
Photo series may consist of no more than 5-minute work.
Each tender must be accompanied by the work of covering the mini-essay of up to 1,500 characters (with spaces), a summary of the manufacturing facility, and an explanation of what exactly he’s interested.
The organizers are not liable for infringement of third party rights. The works submitted to the contest are not reviewed and does not vozvraschayutsya.Podacha materials for the competition is seen as acceptance of the contestants with the terms of the contest organizers.
Dates of competition
Entries are designed in accordance with the requirements of the competition are being accepted by e-mail at In the subject line indicate: "The industrial landscape."
Works are accepted until September 1, 2012.
Materials submitted after the deadline for the competition is not allowed.
Evaluation of entries
Consideration konkusnyh materials shall jury formed by the organizer of the contest — Moscow journalist Fund ("Moszhurfond"). In assessing the work is taken into account:
— that the content of entries theme and objectives of the call;
— the value of and interest in materials for a wide youth audience;
— artistic expression, originality and informative photographs.
Summing up the results and award winners
Results will be announced September 30, 2012.
The winners are determined in general (1,2,3 position) and in the special category (one winner and three incentive prizes).

The authors of the best works are awarded cash prizes in the amount of:
Total Awards:
1st place — 20 000 rubles.
2nd place — 15 000 rubles.
3rd place — 10 000 rubles.
Special nomination:
Winner — 20 000 rubles.
3 incentive prizes for 5000 rubles.
The winners are awarded with diplomas. Winning works posted on the Internet on the subject, and other resources.
The competition organizers have the right to a non-profit publication of any works submitted to the contest, without notice and without paying the authors them any remuneration with the obligatory mention of the name of authors.

Member’s Profile You can download it here


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