Russian integrated simulator for submarine crews sent to Vietnam

Concern NGO "Aurora" gave the Vietnamese customer integrated simulator for the crews of submarines manufactured domestically. This information is shared with reporters CEO "USC Transas" Vyacheslav Komrakov.

"The main organization is the" Aurora, "and we take care of all the navigation part — periscope, bridge, cabin, — he said. — It is expected that within a fortnight, a month to start the installation of the simulator. Earned he only closer to the fall."

In addition to this equipment, Vietnam placed an order for simulators for crews patrol ships "Cheetah" (a total of 36 battle stations) and missile boats "Molniya" (56 battle stations).  According Komrakova, the Russian Navy does not order so complex simulators. "We supply a standard simulator" Bridge 2000 ", they have already received about ten. This system trains only those who are on the bridge, but such complex simulators to work all the fighting part in three modes, no."

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