Russian integrated simulator Laguna 11661 for the Vietnamese Navy

Naval forces in Vietnam in the new academic year will begin use of the Russian integrated simulator "Laguna 11661." This simulator is developed and delivered in the shortest possible time by ZAO "RET Kronstadt, "group company" Transas ".

Simulator "Laguna 11661" is designed to prepare crews and crews of two frigates "Gepard-3.9", set in Vietnam this year, the company "Rosoboronexport". The frigates were built of "Zelenodolsky Plant. AMGorkogo "on the project of" Zelenodolskoye PKB "based frigate of project 11661.


With the help of a simulator of the Russian Vietnamese sailors will be taught by ship, to ensure navigational safety and ship-handling for military use and operation of rocket and artillery, mine, electronic weapons, management and operation of the main power plant, electric vehicle systems and ship‘s systems, as well as ensure the take-off and landing ship helicopter.

Simulator "Laguna 11661" can hold any type of training — theoretical and practical classes, group and comprehensive training, monitoring and record-teaching, practicing organization and combat coordination of crews.


Delivered by Vietnam combat simulator has 56 posts, united in the same space and time. The simulator has three modes: individual, in the mode of training of the military part of the ship, in the mode of training of the entire ship under the guidance of the commander.


The simulator is located in a separate building, and includes:

central office leadership training, having workstations for the three instructors and equipped with a variety of control systems for software and hardware simulator and the progress of the educational process, including video surveillance system for the classrooms;

control module and navigation, representing a full-scale model pilothouse ship with the system of visual simulation environment with 270 degree field of view;

main command post, simulating battle stations armament control the ship, means targeting, battle management information systems, electronic warfare and passive jamming;

room service radio stations, including simulators of lighting air and surface conditions;

electromechanical module that simulates the space ship fast energy and vitality, power plants, local control of the main power plant;

starting command post, equipped with the system of visual simulation environment with a sector angle of 90 degrees and providing training of interaction with a helicopter deck;

mock artillery tower of the AK-176 and the ring sight guns AK-630M with the visual simulation environment with a sector angle of 90 degrees;

class of the problem and the results of analysis exercises, equipped with modern interactive teaching aids.

Previously, the company produced for Vietnam integrated simulator missile boat "Lightning" project 12418.

In the short term, for the Vietnamese Navy will create a simulator for training submarine of Project 636, which got this country. In this project, "RET Kronstadt "involved as a subcontractor of the" Aurora "by making the navigation part.

In the future, for the Vietnamese Navy can be created closed complex simulator system, which will unite the trainers of all ships that were imported from Russia. These include Project 12418 missile boats ‘Lightning’, corvettes of the "Gepard-3.9" and submarines of Project 636.

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