Russian intelligence arm the new technical means

In the district Reconnaissance Army Russia began to supply electronic devices designed to monitor enemy territory.

As told to "Izvestia" a source in the Defense Ministry, these devices are included in the complex intelligence, communications and control (CRUZ), which is now arming the military intelligence. Externally "spy stone" like a thick book and in a disguised state can control the situation for months behind enemy lines, and during the attack — a direct cannon and rockets.

On a "spy stone" in 2006, the channel "Russia" took the story: the "stone" with a built-in transmitter was used by the British to connect recruited some of their Russian national who was dumped on him for information. In early 2012, the former adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jonathan Powell actually admitted that the British government used a special "stone" to spy on Russia.

The names and characteristics of the new devices were not disclosed. We only know that they are an extension of the automatic Soviet intelligence 1K124 "herd" and 1K18 "Real-U." These devices are equipped with video cameras, microphones, sensors and seismic sensors metal. They are able to automatically capture the movement of people, vehicles and armored vehicles, recognizing objects using specific algorithms. Seismic sensors help detect soil variations on the approach of a column of armored vehicles.

The obtained data are transmitted via satellite and VHF communication through a dedicated repeater. Moreover, the transmission is in short bursts, which are almost impossible to detect. The devices are equipped with a positioning system GLONASS / GPS, so in case of an attack on them can direct artillery, missile and air forces.

The battery lasts for several months. When the charge is over, "spy stone" self-destructs. The same thing happens if it detects enemy.

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