Russian IPv6 Day was held in St. Petersburg

June 6 in St. Petersburg hosted the "Russian Day IPv6», devoted to the launch of World IPv6 — World IPv6 Launch. The event was organized by the Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) and the Technical Centre for Internet (TCI) with the support of the Coordination Center for TLD and Ministerstvasvyazi and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

Conference was opened by the director of the Moscow traffic exchange points (MSK-IX) Elena Voronina and Director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU Andrei Kolesnikov. They welcomed the participants and spoke about how they see the future of IPv6 in Russia. Andrei Kolesnikov said that the transition to IPv6 is a natural process for the Internet. In his view, this transition will take place entirely in 20 years. However, "the need for a shift in the consciousness of all participants in the Internet market is felt today," said Elena Voronina.

The Executive Director of the cluster of information technology innovation center "Skolkovo" Alexander Turkot noted the important role the Internet community and voluntary organizations in the implementation of the protocol IPv6: «IPv6 — this medicine for many years to come. But today, it is not clear how a smooth transition to the new protocol: not all technicians understand that this work should be conducted now, and not wait for an hour "X"! The task of the center "Skolkovo" — to support this initiative. Think of any project that would have contributed to the rapid transition to IPv6, and we will support it, including financially. "

About how the launch of World IPv6, the director of the program ISOC Andrew Robachevsky"The slogan of today’s event: this time for real! It is becoming the new norm for the internet and all the advanced users are already using IPv6 ». He reminded the audience of how World IPv6 Day took place in 2011. "Today, IPv6 becomes part of the package, and should be available to all users of the Internet," — said Mr. Robachevsky.

The chief engineer of "Best-Telecom" Valery Soldatov described in detail, as is the case in Europe and in the world of c introduction of IPv6 at the governmental level. The statistics given by Valery, has shown that the leader in the deployment of IPv6 today is China. As for Russia, Mr Soldatov said: "Government resources, the same popular portal, of course, should be available on the current protocol IPv6, which is the future. "

The importance of the transition to IPv6 and other speakers noted. Technical Director MSK-IX Alexander Ilyin shared experience of implementing IPv6 in the Moscow and St. Petersburg traffic exchange points. On the technical features of the use of IPv6 for service providers and the challenges that operators face, told CTO PiN Telecom Cyril Malevania and the independent expertAlexei Semenyaka. Representatives of the largest Russian Internet company Yandex and described in detail the whole process of implementation of IPv6 on networks of these companies. These companies took part in last year’s World Day of IPv6.

The conference will conclude an interesting report "Introduction to VXLAN», which made Frank Laforsh(Frank Laforsh), systems engineer at Arista. He spoke about the implementation of IPV6 in his company and answered questions. 

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