Russian Knights at the air show in Bahrain

I offer you a selection of photos from the performance of "Russian Knights" at an air show in Bahrain.

Airshow in Bahrain Sakhir Airbase, a second time, and for the first time in four years, "Russian Knights" took part in an international show.

In the background, SSJ-100 "Armavia".

In Bahrain flew four sides of the Su-27 — 04, 08, 10 and 16. Of course, accompanied by IL-76, which arrived on board a lot of equipment and technicians from the Cuban women.

At the opening of the chalet and cabin aircraft "Russian Knights" was visited by the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who arrived at the invitation of our group.

Four Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Goldfinches, Oleg Erofeev, Andrei Alexeev and Alexander Bogdan.

The crew of "Russian Knights" superstitious on photographing of flying on the background of their aircraft. Around the A-380 — with pleasure!

The pilots actively practicing in Bahrain two days before the show.

The passage from the landing gear and airbrake

Flaps are closed, the chassis removed.

Counter aerobatics

1/10 seconds separates the frame from the previous

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