Russian Knights — circus or military officers?

This material is taken from the journal of Sergei share. The main purpose of publishing: So get rid of all the stupid habit hait Russian. That’s really who-whom, and Russian Knights aerobatic team just to be proud without reservation …

And now about the "Swifts" and "Russian Knights"

In the comments to the last post about the Russian Knights constantly raised two topics:

1. Yes Russian Knights simple circus. In this battle, they will not even know what to do!

2. So that our legacy aircraft can against the U.S. with their modern avionics and AIM-120? Now maneuverability is needed. Melee is obsolete and everything is decided at long distances. 

I went in and talked to Kubinka Knight at this topic. It was interesting to listen to, the point of contaminants is not "experts at the monitor," and immediately the pilots. Well, take pictures and fly at the same time … In the beginning about the myth that guys are not combat pilots. This is absolutely not true. For example, here are a couple of sheets of war and parts thereof: 

Guys constantly make training flights, and fulfill not only the group acrobatics, but an imitation of combat situations. For the whole day I was in Kubinka, they only practiced once paired aerobatics. All the rest of the flight missions had little to do with the demonstration performances. 

Russian Knights and Swifts — is not circus, but real combat officers holding his weapon is much better than many of the other pilots in the country. Therefore they are invited from combat units in the aerobatic team. But in the case of a combat situation can not worry. They are not saved, as the captain of the Costa Concordia. Now, about the principles of modern air combat.

First of all, blowing medium-range missile, modern fighter forced quite a long time, "highlight" of her, that is to pass on her target’s coordinates, so she knew where to go. At this time the fighter is limited maneuverability and is open to the enemy’s radar, that is, he represents the easy target. 

Secondly, the rocket engine running for a few seconds and then it was very limited maneuvering.

Rocket flares can be fooled or simply "frazzle", that is, to turn aside from it, as long as that does not end margin of inertia and it just did not fall to the ground. Thirdly, most modern missile guidance systems using the Doppler effect, that is, they see only the moving target. If the aircraft is developed under the camera angle of 90 degrees to the rate of the missile, then it loses its purpose and can not take it again. There is a so-called "failure of the attack." After that thwart the attack fighters have some time before the next start missiles. At this time he can come close to an enemy fighter at close distance, and release it on its missiles. 

Moreover, our planes are much more sensitive teplopelengator capable of detecting enemy fighter not including its own radar, which means that the enemy does not realize that the SU-27 and the next is already taking aim at him why, even in the modern world is the main melee tactics opposition fighters and then our super-maneuverable "drying" simply has no equal. 

For example, here’s a video demonstration of aerial combat between Su-27 and F-15: 

So get rid of all the stupid habit hait Russian. That’s really who-whom, and Russian Knights aerobatic team just to be proud without reservation …

UPDATE: Like the comment nigvoOne important task — to inspire potential enemy of his handicap. Weapons outdated form. After all, if the soldier to impress his weapons do not cause any harm-it and apply it most likely will not. Here, from the same play: Russian, why do you need planes, they have you still bad, do not fly, do not shoot at all and they are expensive, they do not need you.

Before the flight the pilots fly izuchayutplanovuyu table 4. 

On the street that day was -21, but all aircraft will start from the morning: 5. 

As well as cars, planes clean of snow by manual labor 6. 

Check all systems before flights. Poor technique. They had to freeze without interruption 7. 

Drogue parachute folded. Note the aircraft icing: 8. 

From the fires of the tail of the aircraft braking 9. 


What is this? 11. 


15 minutes before the start of flights the pilots appeared. The first flew Swifts 13. 

At take-off: 14. 


MIG-29: 16. 

SU-27: 17. 


AN-30: 19. 


Swifts MiG-29: 21. 


AN-30 and a pair of Russian Knights on Su-27: 23. 


The dissolution of the 25. 

IL-20: 26. 


Braking parachutes SU-27: 28. 

When planting the SU-27 offers top speed brake 29. 

At one MiG-29 canopy parshyuta braking, while the Su-27 — Two: 30. 

IL-20: 31. 


SU-27 Russian Knights 33. 



MIG-29. Pay attention to how much it is smaller standing next to the SU-27: 36. 



SU-27. Its dimensions are well understood by the rider: 39. 



Arrived 42. 

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