Russian Knights have shown skill in India

Aerobatic team of Cuban women for the first time makes a demonstration flight at the air show "Aero India". However, she made it to the Yelahanka Air Force base with difficulty.

Organizers previous salons "AERO INDIA" long and hard to persuade the Russian Air Force to send to the salon in Bangalore aerobatic team "Russian Knights". Finally, this year’s all been agreed, and the group flew from the Cuban women February 2, although originally planned for the first day of departure. The group was supposed to arrive at the Yelahanka air base no later than February 4, to adapt, to pass a qualifying aerobatics and 6 February, the day of the opening, to begin to act. However, none of the fourth or fifth or sixth or even seventh of aircraft did not arrive. It was said that the Su-27 can not fly out of the Kant air base in Delhi due to weather conditions. Indeed Delhi aviation authorities did not give permission for the flight, as the capital of India, as if shrouded in mist. And when the five Su-27 still flew to Delhi, immediately began formal arraignment: some documents are not decorated with something customs declarations is not clear. As a result, from Bangalore fighters got only an hour in the afternoon local time on Friday, February 8.

It would seem that it is necessary to carry out without delay the necessary formal qualification aerobatics to the Saturday morning show to all the participants and guests of salon beauty of flight. However, permission to take off was not given. The formal reason — the weather deteriorates. By five in the evening sky, and indeed began to tighten the clouds, in six small drizzling rain. But then before that it was at least two and a half hours is flying weather. Given that the time maneuvers — twenty-five minutes, it was quite well.

At five o’clock in the evening the pilots "Russian Knights" and their accompanying officials gave a small press conference, which attracted a huge number of journalists. Almost all Indian colleagues indignantly asked, why? Why so long flied out why on Friday did not carry out training? Someone even asked, and do not see a Russian pilots in all of this of someone’s malicious machinations.

However, our pilots were very peaceful. Flight group commander Lt. Col. Andrew Alexeev assured everyone that no machinations can not be in principle. Simply, it happened. And when they are given the opportunity to climb into the sky, they will show that their group was not in vain waited in Bangalore.

On Saturday morning all cleared up. The Flight Show "AERO INDIA — 2013" explained that complete trust in the skill of Russian pilots, additional qualification they are not required. Especially as the pre-plan the demonstration was coordinated in detail. Our pilots were just given a rest after a flight from Delhi to Bangalore. So nothing outraged some journalists. In general, our aces, technical staff and the entire delegation Yelahanka Air Base Air Force Command and the organizers of the air show was very welcome. And the "Russian Knights" aerobatics really showed who was in Bangalore sky, and the whole of India has never seen before.

  • "Russian Knights" aerobatics show in the skies over Bangalore.  Photo: Manjunath Kiran / AFP / Getty Images
  • "Russian Knights" aerobatics show in the skies over Bangalore. Photo: Manjunath Kiran / AFP / Getty Images

The group flew five "dryers" — three single Su-27 and two Su-27UB two-seat trainer. Accordingly, the pilots — seven men. They flew the same as the accepted diamond — four aircraft performing aerobatics group and individual.

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