Russian krasaffchegi!

The other day, watching their old photos where my brother on their IL-Planets. As usual vzgrusnulos. Then I thought let me see what the domestic "motoprom." Looked surprised … Here is an excerpt from the model series IL and the Urals:
Motorcycles IL




IZH 6.113-05 Juncker

IL 2,673 Cornet

IZH 6.920 GR

IZH 6.921-01 Samson

Ural Motorcycles

IMZ-Ural Wolf 8.1238

IMZ-Ural 8.4013 Hercules

IMZ-Ural Solo 750 8.1233

Ural IMZ-8.1037 Gear-up

It is certainly not the whole lineup, but only those bikes that I liked. However, very happy versatility of domestic products.

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