Russian language — as the air

Prepare the new history textbooks without double interpretations, written by a good Russian language, called the president at a meeting of the Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations.

A key theme of the meeting was the strengthening of the Russian language and history lessons in schools. "Our basic goal — to strengthen the harmony and concord in the multinational Russian society that people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, saw themselves as citizens of a single country," — said Vladimir Putin. In this — the key to successful development of the state, he said.

The fundamental basis of the unity of the country — the Russian language. "Knowing him, and at a high level, every citizen of the Russian Federation shall," — says the president.

"We need to increase support for Russian as a native language, domain engage in promoting it." "Attention to Russian language — a natural thing, but it seems that we underestimate the importance of this phenomenon for our country," — continued the President. "It is believed that this is the same reality as the air — Putin said. — But if you take a look at some of the settlements on the outskirts of the Russian Federation is not sure that will find the same knowledge of the Russian language, as in some cities. This destroys the country and people creates problems. "

Vladimir Putin also noted that Russian Language Day is not celebrated everywhere to the mark. "Many people do not even know that there is such a holiday on the calendar," — stated he ordered the government to submit proposals on the Day of Russian Language in 2013 and beyond.

A large role in shaping the culture of relations between people of different nationalities play school. The President proposed to think about the common history textbook for Russian high school, wherever in the specific examples mentioned, that the fate of the country was created union of peoples, traditions and cultures. They should be designed for different ages, but the "built under a single concept, within the logic of continuous Russian history, the relationship of all its stages, and respect to all the pages of our past," — he explained. "Textbooks should be written in good Russian language and do not have internal contradictions and ambiguities," — said the president. "It should be a mandatory requirement for all training materials," — he added. Involved in the process need not only to the Ministry of Education and Sciences, but also historical, military and historical society, said Putin.

The President also said that 989 national cultural autonomies, many national associations and unions under the law on NGOs will be able to receive state support. In the allocation of presidential grants to provide funding for projects on the harmonization of inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic relations, he said. The President recommended that the form and the governors grant forms of support.

"It is important to determine the support gosproektov related to national history," — Putin continued. Citizens need to know the true history of Unity, not "biased pseudo-scientific speculation on the subject," — he said. Most civilized countries committed to integration, and Russia is no exception, Putin added. It is necessary to value the fact that "we are already in a single state," and multiply that power modern subtle methods, called it.

The Head of State recommended the formation of a list of historical dates related to the unity of the people — in the form of a calendar from 2013 to 2025. Putin also offered to help the student volunteers in the restoration of monuments of culture and creative film, television and radio projects to strengthen the unity of the peoples of Russia. And support the "no empty agitation and vivid, subtle talented work" — he said, and asked to think of measures to build through the media and the Internet of positive inter-ethnic relations.

Now the government is preparing a federal program "Strengthening the unity of the Russian nation and the ethnic and cultural development of the people," — Putin said. "It is important to connect to humanitarian projects and business patrons," — he added.

At the end of the president raised the sports theme. "We must strive to ensure that our national sports, and made their way to the Olympic disciplines. And the important thing is to become aware of them in Russia, so they have developed it as a massive public sports," — he said. In the register of the Ministry of Sports of all five of these sports. "As if the other does not exist — protested the president. — But in fact they are over 60, they are engaged in more than 85 million people — is, according to official figures, and in fact, much more." Vladimir Putin said that all known Olympic sports disciplines were once national.

Objections on the part of officials and experts were not — only new ideas. Regional Development Minister Igor Slyunyaev proposed to introduce a lesson on the history of the peoples of Russia, a historical and public schools for students, including those from abroad, as well as initiatives to fund public education of patriotism and strengthen ethnic relations. And the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov said that "in the federal list of more than a thousand books on all subjects, including dozens of — the history books." "We do not need such a huge number of textbooks, although the teacher's choice should be," — he said.

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