Russian law enforcement agencies are equipped with ropes to besparashyutnogo landing of the helicopter

In the special purpose units main power ministries and departments of the Russian Federation began arriving Russian ropes for speed besparashyutnogo landing of the helicopter. The ropes are fitted with loops for the evacuation of six people, equipped with synthetic rope for hanging the functioning of the central hatch helicopter.


Russian ropes are similar in purpose to foreign ropes Fast Rope, however, in comparison with them have a number of features and benefits:

Rope is suitable for coverage of hands by the relatively small surface topography (12-strand rope double weave);
shrinkage of the rope length during storage is negligible;
rope has a high service life.

rope Moscow OOO "OKB HF" in which a special forces committed more than 1200 runs without significant signs of wear of the rope


Experimental Design Bureau Ltd. "OKB HF" since 2007 has been developing special-purpose synthetic ropes for rescue, fire fighting, anti-terrorism. Among the products the company — cordage, ropes and ropes to descend from the heights, high-strength heat-resistant cords rescue.

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