Russian leaders are eager to get into the export of grain and is ready to invest $ 574 million in new port terminals

Russia may become world’s second largest exporter of wheat after over the next four years to increase port capacity by 67% writes agency Bloomberg.


The government and private companies are ready to invest 574 million U.S. dollars in the development of existing and construction of new grain terminal at the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, and in the river ports.

The representative of Aston in Lausanne (Switzerland) said that "Russia could easily become the number one exporter of wheat in the world."

Experts’ Service Bloomberg calculated that if all of the investment plans for the development and construction of port facilities for handling grain, Russia will be able to increase the volume of grain exports from the current approximately 25 million tons to 42 million tons in 2014.

Increase in the number of grain terminals will reduce the cost of handling grain, at a minimum, $ 15 / ton. This is the amount that is lost now exporting because of "congestion" in the ports and on the approach to it, and also because of delays in sending cargo, says the head of the analytical department "Rusagrotrans" Igor Pavensky. Then, by 2015, Russia will be able to regularly give the price of international tenders for 7-8 $ / ton below on the world level.

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