Russian Linux got a modern design

31.08.11, Wed, 15:08, Moscow time, text Vladislav Mescheryakov / Photo: ALT Linux
The leading domestic developer of free software on the market ALT Linux company introduced two new distribution: ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0 and lightweight ALT Linux Simply. Major news — modern user interface in a stable operating system and low demands on computer resources.


ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0 with KDE 4.6.5 is able to run on a PC with less than 1 GB of RAM

Development of the domestic company ALT Linux — ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0 — one of the first cases of standard setting environment KDE 4.6 for professional distribution.

KDE — it’s one of the two main, along with Gnome, standard operating environment under Linux. By the KDE 4 version of it acquired a hitherto unprecedented flexibility and beauty, but has lost its stability. Interestingly, the founder of Linux Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds), being an old user KDE, with the appearance of KDE 4 in 2009 began using a competing project Gnome (later, with the appearance of Gnome 3, Torvalds and his left, going to the Xfce).

However, by 2011, with the release of KDE 4.6.5 for developers managed to achieve stable operation of its framework Plasma. "Work environment KDE 4 is known for a long time of development, during which its stability was far from ideal. For version 4.6 of the KDE stability has been achieved, and we have included it in its multi-purpose distribution ALT Linux, including recommended for professional use, "- says technical director Alex Novodvorsky ALT Linux.

The distribution ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0 includes applications to work with office documents (LibreOffice, packages for processing and playback of audio and video files for graphics and animation works, a variety of development tools, as well as educational programs.

On the basis of the "Sixth platform" in the fall 2011 ALT Linux plans to release a server Centaurus 6.0 («Centaur"), including the architecture and ARM. Also to be published distribution LXDEsktop 6.0 based on ultralight desktop LXDE, Live-Linux distribution for netbooks Netbook Live and set "ALT Linux 6.0 School."


ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0. Seen running browser Firefox, is a text editor, the two programs to teach mathematics, a training program for the geography, weather widget, the console and the legal framework "Consultant Plus" (the version for Windows with Wine)

In addition to the distribution of professional software development company ALT Linux distribution is released ALT Linux Simply for mainstream users, designed to run on computers with outdated or poor configuration (with 512 MB of RAM). As a desktop environment in Simply use Xfce.


The system searches ALT Linux Simply look for not only the packages that are installed on your PC, but also those that are available in the repository

ALT Linux distributions have become one of the first to use the new version of the kernel Linux 3.0 (3.0.3), which improved the support of modern equipment. On the other hand, due to optimization of the assembly, they have a low memory requirements. Rapid testing distribution ALT Linux Kdesktop 6.0 in comparison with several other foreign counterparts showed that the system is more efficient than other domestic uses the computer’s memory.

Comparing today’s KDE-Linux distributions on the use of memory


Recall that the promotion of free software in Russia in the past few years, fell into the sphere of interests of senior government officials. For example, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the end of 2010 signed a plan to transition authorities and federal public sector to free software. In mid-August 2011 the Ministry of Communications has announced a competition for the creation of prototype components of the national software platform (GMP).

In 2010 was published analytical work Lyubov Aronova "The research of Russian market of open source software." According to the calculations of the author, the Russian market of ACT in 2009 amounted to 2.256 billion rubles., And its half formed state order.

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