Russian LNG reached the jungles of Vietnam

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During the meeting, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang and Vice-Chairman of the Board Gazprom B. Markelov, the parties signed a memorandum of supplies of Russian liquefied natural gas in Vietnam with the national company Petrovietnam.


The project will take the "daughter" Gazprom Gazprom Marketing and Trading Singapore Ltd and Vietnamese Petrovietnam Gas.


 In addition, C. T. Zhang and B. Markelov discussed a wide range of issues of Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in the energy sphere. In particular, deserve high praise projects of Gazprom and companies Petrovietnam, implemented under the joint operating company Vietgazprom on the continental shelf of the Republic.


 Following the meeting, Charles T. Zhang and B. Markelov noted mutually beneficial cooperation in the oil and gas industry, serving a reliable support for friendly relations between Russia and Vietnam.

Earlier, on July 16 2012, and another Russian company Zarubezhneft was declared the winner of the tender the development of the gas block 12/11 offshore southern Vietnam on the basis of a production sharing agreement.


Recall July 19, 2012 Gazprom and Petrovietnam g held a joint meeting, which resulted in a joint agreement on strategic partnership companies.


Vietnamese President Charles T. Zhang arrived in Moscow at the invitation of B. Fishing season.


Following the talks, the presidents of 2 countries signed six documents, including a joint statement on strengthening the comprehensive strategic partnership relations.

In addition to the oil and gas industry, during the visit of Charles T. Sanga parties will discuss the construction of nuclear power plants, strengthen cooperation in the field of agriculture, increase trade and military cooperation.


What is important, among other things, the return of Russia to the famous Vietnamese military base in Cam Ranh.

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And talk about Cam Ranh base began unexpectedly.

Today, Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Chirkov made the statement:

"We continue to work to ensure the deployment of naval forces outside the Russian Federation.

As part of this work at the international level, working on the creation of points of logistics in Cuba, Seychelles and Vietnam "

It happened so that the words of Vice Admiral successful coincided with a visit to Moscow Vietnamese leader.

Correction C. T. Zhang was followed almost immediately on the radio station "Voice of Russia":

"As for Russia, it is our long-standing cooperation and strategic partnership.

This partnership will further develop.

Therefore, we will provide the benefits of Russia in Cam Ranh, including the development of military cooperation. "


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These words are expensive for Russia.

The benefits are desirable because of Cam Ranh is ongoing covert struggle between Russia and the United States.

At the base of Americans now focused — they pretend to deployment of its military squadrons.

Most recently, in mid-June 2012, with respective supply base visited the Pentagon chief Leon Panetta.

However, the Vietnamese probably still remember very well napalm dropped from U.S. bombers.


Cam Ranh to Russia once again becomes relevant.

Russia begins again to find itself in the international arena.

Strenuously built warships, held naval exercises.

But most importantly — Navy began the recovery process.



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