Russian marines landed in the Arctic


Northern Fleet conducted exercises to prove Russia’s ability to stand up for Arctic territory even without the use of the French "Mistral". On the shore of the Kola Peninsula, landed a few hundred Marines with equipment and weapons, and a couple of hours "smoothed" it from the "enemy."

How to tell the "News" in the headquarters of the Northern Fleet, landing was carried out with three large amphibious ships (BDK) — "Alexander Otrakovsky," "George" and "Olenegorsky miner."

— Each ship landed ashore by company of marines (about 200 people) and dozens of pieces of equipment — bronetranspartery BTR-80 and self-propelled artillery, "Nona", — told the "News" representative of the Northern Fleet.

As the troopers were soldiers of the 61st individual Marine Regiment. Supervised the landing of the head of the Northern Fleet coastal troops, Colonel Andrei Guscin.

The warfare state that no political motive in the exercises there.

— We practiced certain skills that should have. This does not mean that we’re going to land somewhere or someone to attack. We are talking about military training, which we are constantly engaged — said in an interview with "Izvestia" one of the participants of disembarkation.

But military experts believe that the teachings are directly related to the aggravation of the situation around the Arctic.

— We are committed logical to denote its military presence in the region — create Arctic brigades, demonstrating the possibility of the Marine Corps to act in this area. The region has become vexing — said Shlikov.

Head of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok in turn, noted that the struggle in the Arctic now is not for resources, but for marshtury.

— If in the southern latitudes of the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic takes a few months, through the Arctic — just 30 days — said Tsiganok.

At the same time, he noted that the Russian naval infantry time to absorb the landing is not from the sea and from helicopters. According to Gypsy, buy French helicopter "Mistral" will force it to use this technology as "Mistral" can not get so close to the shore, as Russian BDK.

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