Russian market M2M services predict explosive growth

The Russian market of M2M services in the near future expect rapid growth, according to business publication RBC with reference to market experts.

According to experts, the largest number of M2M-connected devices accounted for transport — about 50%. Gradually, however, telematics is becoming more and more popular in other industries because of the perceived benefits of innovative technologies to improve the control and optimization of business processes. The most active will increase the demand for M2M solutions in areas such as housing, ATMs and POS terminals, monitoring of objects and processes, ensuring security.

In the coming years the Russian market of telematics services will evolve toward an expansion of outreach to potential users and upgrade infrastructure. Among the main trends of development — focus on cost reduction and increased functionality of M2M devices. Leading position in the market will be able to take those companies that will provide customers with a maximum of telematics and information services, using only one device.

In the future, is expected to accelerate the development of the most advanced methods of remote monitoring and control facilities, the introduction of systems of "smart home" and "smart city", a global automation of various sectors of the economy. The main drivers of growth will be large-scale gosproekty and commercial orders in the interests of large and medium-sized businesses.

"Development of Telematics and use of M2M devices will be provided by the development of new technologies in the field of data — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — The transition to modern standards of 3G and 4G will transfer large amounts of information and fulfill their base more sophisticated M2M solutions, and the use of a professional radio networks — to develop solutions for specific users — emergency services and authorities, who need reliable and secure transmission medium data ".

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