Russian meat be allowed in Europe

After years of negotiations, the EU has agreed in principle to open up their markets to Russian poultry production. During the last inspection Belgorod enterprises Europeans were satisfied with their level of technology and appropriate veterinary requirements. Now, the domestic companies to be certified to be able to deliver the goods to the European market. Experts believe that this will encourage other businesses to modernize and expand the product range.

As it became known to RBC daily, last week received a letter from Rosselhoznadzor European colleagues, stating that they are considering the possibility of supply of poultry products from Russia to the EU. "Europeans have agreed in principle to allow the opening of its market and are asked to provide additional information on the functioning of the Russian export control system security products," — said the press secretary Alexei Rosselkhoznadzor Alekseyenko.

If the Russian veterinary service of the European institutions to be accredited, it must be submitted lists of companies that can fulfill the requirements of the European Union. And then Rosselhoznadzor will have to ensure that these requirements are actually enforced.

The story of the opening of the European market for Russian poultry farms has been going on for several years. Rosselhoznadzor repeatedly sent requests to the European Union on this issue, but the Europeans have started to check Russian company only two years ago, said Mr. Alekseyenko. Experts attending including poultry enterprises of "Cherkizovo", "Optifood", "Mosselproma." In early June of this year, the Europeans once again checked the Belgorod enterprise "Prioskolye" and "Belgrankorm." "They are no longer checked by the companies themselves, but rather how well Rosselhoznadzor controls them. Europeans watched the organized veterinary checks on compliance with European standards ", — he knows one of the participants in the market.

According to the Association of operators of the Russian poultry market, in 2010, domestic enterprises have exported about 20 tonnes of poultry products, mainly to the countries of the CIS and South-East Asia. In 2011, the supply can grow up to 60 tons

To date, nearly 4 million European companies have the right to supply to Russia of animal products, including dairy. The EU, in turn, has certified to supply to its market one Russian company producing venison, nine dairies, as well as two companies that manufacture casings.

Head of the Executive Committee of the National Meat Association Sergei Yushin believes that the output of individual Russian poultry farms in the European market and will encourage other local companies to improve their sanitary and veterinary condition.

"This is a big step forward," — said the president of the Association of operators of the Russian poultry market Andrei Terekhin. However, you can expect a lot of different barriers to potential transactions and real supply, he said. For example, there is still such a large exporter of poultry, such as Brazil and Thailand, do not supply their products to Europe, not heat-treated, and poultry meat from the United States is completely absent in the European market.

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