Russian mechanics presented a new snowmobile (photos)

In early November, a sports and entertainment complex for active and extreme sports "X-Arena" the presentation of a modernized version of the most popular domestic snowmobile — "Taiga Varyag 550 V» of the company "Russian engineer". "Taiga Varyag 550 V» became even more maneuverable and more comfortable, while retaining all of their unique operating parameters and affordability.

Snowmobile "Taiga Varyag 550 V» has a number of additional features, is equipped with modern components, through which greatly improved his driving and performance. His appearance is due to the needs of the residents of Central Russia. Their way of life brings different requirements for equipment.

"If in the remote regions — in Siberia, the Urals and the North — snowmobiles are used in the vast majority of cases, for commercial purposes, in the middle lane — for active leisure. In the first case snowmobile — is a technique to work, the second — for the rest. Snowmobile "Taiga Varyag 550 V» specially designed for the residents of Central Russia, who prefer outdoor recreation, value comfort and know how to count money, "- presented a potential owner, general manager of marketing and advertising Innocent Dick.

"Taiga Varyag 550 V» meets the needs of modern snowmobiles. He received a telescopic front suspension from the powerful and high-speed snowmobile Rybinsk "Taiga 850 Bars". Increased to 143 mm stroke increased the smoothness of motion and reduced stress on the steering wheel. The new rear suspension, the progress of which is increased to 277 mm, has a horizontally positioned shock absorber, giving more energy, and smoothing irregularities. Grouser height of 31 mm on the caterpillar "Magnum" provides high permeability in deep snow, better dynamics during acceleration and braking, stable cornering. Canadian CVT allows the sled to work smoothly on all operating smoothly get a move on lower revs, to develop a high speed without increasing fuel consumption. Mechanical brake hydraulic replaced, which reduces the force on the lever ensures easy control increases the reliability and safety equipment. New high wheel with leather cover improves the ergonomics and appearance of the snowmobile.

"Taiga Varyag 550 V» — a modern, comfortable snowmobile high cross with the optimal set of features, easy to use, easy to manage, affordable. In this case, the manufacturer emphasizes the updated model does not compete with the serial "Varyag", because, in fact, is his spetskomplektatsiey and sent to a local target group. In addition, the 2013 season and the serial "Varyag 550" meets in an updated form. Snowmobile appeared hydraulic brakes, an improved cooling system, new insulation in the engine compartment. The new windshield is made of durable polycarbonate. The material in the event of an impact is pricked, and a bent, maintaining the original shape. Lightweight luggage has become more capacious by moving lights, locks and seat — more comfortable.

The fact that the serial "Varyag" in the ranks, and he is not afraid of no snow, nor rain, nor impassable swill proven performances on Drag Racing. In one of the races at the start line out domestic snowmobile and ATV imported with the same engine capacity. The route this time was a solid mud bath. Skeptics did not give any chance to the car, but the tech-savvy audience talked about the greater area of contact with the track surface, the ability to quickly start and acceleration. And they were right. On the straight part of the track snowmobile ATV faster, but inferior to him in agility at the turn, requiring a larger radius. A total of two runs of 1:1, technology has proven its reliability and increased throughput, while maintaining the intrigue of the opposition raznosezonnoy technology.

Each year, competitors are increasingly seeking to enter the segment of the budget snowmobiles, so keep the leading position of domestic producers is becoming increasingly difficult. However, "Taiga 550 Varyag" and "Taiga Varyag 550 V» have a significant price advantage over comparable models of foreign production. In addition, this year was a "Russian Mechanics" decisive from the point of view of development motobiznesa.

"We will develop a serious summer destination to become a full participant in kvadrorynka. In the structure of the company created a separate division, and work to expand the model line has already begun. In the near future increase in the lineup more than twice. Within two years of "Russian engineer" will release at least six new ATVs, "- said about the future prospects of the company Innocent Dick.

To implement the plan, "Russian mechanics" is waiting for production upgrade. The program provides for technical re-equipment of investments in the amount of 250 million rubles. This will not just increase the number of issued ATV, and the introduction of new production stages. One of them is its own large-sized plastic molding, which will provide a new quality of execution, a fundamentally different appearance of products.

"The objective of the company is one — to develop. So, you and I will do in the coming years, "- said in the final Innocent Dick and invited journalists to test-drive the many novelties.







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