Russian microsatellite with Ukrainian equipment will control the physical properties of the ionosphere

January 25 of this year from the cargo vehicle "Progress M-13M" department at the Russian microsatellite "Chibis-M", designed to study lightning in the atmosphere. The press service of the GKAU.

The structure of the spacecraft on-board equipment includes devices that are part of the activities of the National Space Program of Ukraine Ukrainian scientists made the Lviv Center of Space Research Institute NASU-GKAU. Instruments as part of a probe wave, induction magnetometer ferrozondiruyuschego magnetometer designed to measure the electromagnetic parameters of the ionospheric plasma. Results of a space experiment will be used to deepen the fundamental knowledge about the nature of "space weather", as well as improving mathematical models to predict its impact on biological and technological processes on Earth. Enabling devices are planned in mid-February.

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