Russian Mini: BMW wants to collect the legendary cars in Russia


was the first war in which they won …

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German automaker BMW in Russia may start production of cars Mini, if their sales amount to several thousand pieces, the head of marketing and sales Ian Robertson, BMW at the Moscow International Motor Show.


"With thousands of Mini sales in Russia it is possible that we will produce them in Russia," — Y.Robertson said, adding that sales of Mini in Russia has doubled every year.

According Y.Robertsona, BMW sales in Russia in 2012. reached about 35 thousand cars, which is more than 2011. 30%. "Some of these vehicles will be produced in Russia," — he said.

BMW has a "golden principle" — the company organizes production only if the cars are in demand, said Y.Robertson.

Asked about the negotiations with the Kaliningrad factory "Autotor" Y.Robertson reported that they are in the intensive phase. "Cooperation with the" Autotor "was always successful and negotiations (the organization Industrial Assembly BMW. — Note. RBC) will continue for several months," — he added.

In addition, Y.Robertson noted that at the end of 2013. BMW will introduce a large number of new products in different segments.

It is worth noting that BMW assembles its cars in the facilities of the plant "Autotor" in Kaliningrad. The company is working on a method SKD and produces the BMW 3, 5 and 7-series, as well as the crossover BMW X1, X3, X5, X6.

In September, 2011. Director of Development "Autotor" Alexander Sorokin wrote that the parties signed a memorandum of a project to create a full cycle of production of cars BMW. Total investment was estimated at 200 million euros, capacity could reach 80 million vehicles per year.

In March of this year it was reported that BMW had discussed with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expandable assembly plant in Russia

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