Russian mining and pumping company has commissioned site-ferrous castings.

The production capacity of land-ferrous castings is 4.5 tons of castings per month, the main purpose of the site — the production of components for turbo pumps and spare parts to them and ordering a third-party companies to outsource.

Running additional capacity for the production of injection due to high demand for turbopumps H2, with new manufacturing facilities for the production of the program will only be 150 turbo pumps pumping units and 150 sets of spare parts to the turbine pumps. In addition to providing current orders this production unit will allow the company to significantly reduce production time on future contracts, as part of output turbo pumps will work to build-to-stock, so the design and contract and shipment of goods will be one day.

In addition to providing its own production from October 1, 2010 Russian mining and pumping company is now accepting orders and their placement on the production of aluminum castings brand AK7ch to customer specification, currently has contracts with four companies, the validity of the contracts is not less than six months.

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