Russian Ministry of Agriculture of the main results of the AIC in 2011 and plans


"The past year has been a milestone for Russian agriculture. Solved the basic problem, put the industry at the beginning of the year.

First. Figures made Food Security Doctrine the main types of agricultural products — Grains, sugar, potatoes, vegetables, meat, poultry. Within 2-3 years by Russian products will ensure demand for pork.

The second. Thanks to the unprecedented state support measures overcome the consequences of abnormal drought in 2010. Produced 97 million 800 thousand tons of grain in bunker weight. Obtained by record yields of sugar beet (45 million tons), rape (1 million 100 thousand tons), soybeans (1 million 450 thousand tons), sunflower (8 million tons). Production of important forage crop — corn — was 6 million tons. Restored the production of buckwheat and barley in the volumes required for internal needs.

The third. Russia is back on the world grain market. The volume of exports is projected at 25 million tons. Currently shipped 17 million tons.

Fourth. Maintain the positive momentum in animal husbandry. Production of livestock and poultry will be 11 million tons, that 460 thousand tons (+4.4%) more than in 2010. The maximum growth rate — in poultry +11.5% and pigs +4.8%.

Qualitative changes occur in meat and dairy farming — improving the composition of beef and dairy cattle. Over the past 2 years the proportion of breeding stock of beef cattle increased to 60% of the total beef herd (1 million 488 thousand heads). In the dairy herd proportion of breeding stock rose to 12.3% — Is almost two times higher than in 2005.

I note that in the last five years, beef cattle has become one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture. Growth of 44%. The production of poultry increased by 2 times, Pork — 50%.

Over the past five years was introduced and reconstructed More than 3 thousand livestock facilities, with the involvement more than 550 billion rubles. investment.

Fifth. Measures have been taken to improve the effectiveness of regulation of the grain market. Purchasing interventions are carried out with the possibility of redemption. Acquired 279 thousand tons in Siberia and the Urals (Kurgan, Orenburg, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Altai, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk) on 1 billion 270 million rubles. Prices (in Siberia and the Urals) stabilized (noting a slight increase) at 4,500 rubles per ton of wheat 3rd grade and 4200 — 4th grade.

Sixth. Developed and is being coordinated by the State Agricultural Development Programme until 2020. The key tasks will ensure food security, the maintenance of a sufficient level of profitability and investment attractiveness of agriculture, as well as integrated development of rural social sphere.

In addition, along with support for livestock, crops, sustainable rural development and further improvement of the information system for the industry in the coming period will be the priority areas of infrastructure development, recycling, reclamation, support for farmers.

Seventh. The Concept of sustainable development of rural areas by 2020. More than 200 million households will receive a new comfortable housing, of which 113 million — a family of young professionals. In 2011, introduced by 1 million 150 thousand square meters. meters of housing for 18 million families, including 8 thousand 300 — a family of young professionals.

Eighth. A set of additional measures to support farmers:

— A program for family livestock farms. Built 470 farms, in 2012, will be introduced 150 farms annually

Program to support beginning farmers. Next year, the funding program to support beginning farmers will be allocated 2 billion (It grants for the creation, improvement, domestic enterprises, the compensation of the initial payment on the lease — 1,200 households per year, as well as subsidies for the issue of land ownership).

Co-financed from the federal budget grant for the creation of individual farms may reach 1.5 million. One-time assistance for household decorations — 250 thousand rubles. Thus, the total amount of support for beginning farmers an average of 1 million 750 thousand rubley.Pri this subject at their own expense to offer farmers a greater amount

— The program of subsidizing the cost of registration of land ownership. In 2012, will be processed 3 million hectares from 8.5 million hectares, owned by farmers.

Ninth. In order to prevent the negative impact of weather conditions on the effective development of the industry, the implementation of a package of policy measures:

— The Law on state support in the field of agricultural insurance,

— In a new state program included a section on the development of land reclamation. At the same time in 2012 allocated 2 billion the development of on-farm irrigation networks. "

The Minister of Agriculture, Elena Skrinnik.

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