Russian Ministry of Education has ordered the creation of the most efficient solar panel in the world

Russia sights on the world record for photovoltaics. Ministry of Education has ordered the creation of the most efficient solar panel in the world.

The Ministry of Education and Science has placed an order for the development of solar cell, their characteristics superior to all existing models. The development of a prototype solar cell, giving efficiency of 50%, the agency estimated at 100 million rubles. The winning scientists, therefore, to be about 10% today to improve the existing world record for efficiency in photovoltaics.

January 26, 2012

Willing to challenge RECORD known, it is Andrei Lavrov, chief designer of St. Petersburg company "Lenpoligrafmash". In the Ministry of Education does not deny that Lavrov — the main contender for the win in the announced tender. In the tender documents, "Lenpoligrafmash" is mentioned as the initiator of the project, under which, and a competition.

According to Lavrov, developed installation is a rectangular glass panel. It is sprayed several tens of layers of coated PV GaN, that take sunlight. Superimposed over layers of special light-receiving film. On the inner side of the plate is secured, are twenty-five 500-fold hub sunny color — Special Fresnel lenses. They look similar to the bulging headlights of cars with a corrugated surface, which falls on the scattered light is concentrated and sent to the solar panel. Fixed panels and lenses in a metal frame, which is like a searchlight is on of the mobile stand. Area light-receiving surface is slightly more than 1 m are also located at the facility guidance system the Sun, which calculates the position of the light and a panel at the optimum angle. The whole structure will weigh about 100 kg can withstand temperature from plus 110 to minus 40 degrees.

In the Ministry of Education reported that rely on the successful development of solar-record holder, the launch of mass production which will bring Russia a world leader in solar energy.

"Now the international practice based on the use of silicon, that is a substrate of silicon solar panels. We propose to make a substrate of gallium nitride, which will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership Begin ", — Said Lavrov. "Kilowatt power then would be worth $ 2.2 when its main competitors — ES System Co — it costs $ 2.45?.

Russia has big plans for the segment of the solar energy market this year, in addition to developing a solar panel record holder, set to begin commercial production of solar cells"Hevel", which is planned for release order 1,000,000 installations: In this project RUSNANO and "Renova" already invested 20.1 billion rubles.

"Our plants will be Efficiency of at least 8.5%, but we hope to increase the efficiency to 10% or more — Says Anton Usachev, Head of the Foreign Relations of "Hevel". — "As for plants with an efficiency of more than 20-30%, this design is mainly laboratory to industrial production of them so far away. And those light hubs, which are declared, made the installation several times more expensive. "  

Head of the Laboratory of photovoltaic cells Physico-Technical Institute of the Ioffe Vyacheslav Andreev believes that the solution to the problem of such magnitude as to overcome the world record efficiency for solar cells will require costs to a greater extent than 100 million rubles: "To make such a complex system, and may 1,000,000,000 rubles is not enough, here we are talking about the development of entirely new materials and systems track the sun. Good gas-phase installation for the creation of new materials in question in terms of reference, it is worth more than 100 million. "

Andreev agree that the one who first will construct a competitive setting, where the price of electricity will be comparable to the one that we get out of the socket will be a billionaire. Therefore, the chosen route of the scientist thinks is right, but the success of the project with the budget — unlikely.

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