Russian Mistral equip shock and defensive weapons


 The latest Russian weapons systems and the impact of defensive purposes, including supersonic cruise missile will be installed on all four amphibious ships, docks vertoletonosnyh / DVKD / type "Mistral", built for the Russian Navy in France and in Russia. This was reported by Itar-Tass source in the military-industrial complex of Russia.

 "It is planned that the first two" Mistral "a French-built, and the next two DVKD built already in Russia, will be equipped with the most modern domestic weapons systems, including launchers supersonic cruise missiles, the latest systems and missile complexes, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare "- said the source.

Of course, the "Mistral" will take on board the shock and anti-submarine helicopters, artillery, amphibious landing craft, boats, armored vehicles and other equipment and weapons, he added.

Work on the installation of the first two French-built DVKD Russian weapons will be carried out in Russia at one of its defense industry after the arrival of ships from the French Saint-Nazaire, the source said.

In the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces have confirmed this information. "We do not need DVKD unarmed at the disposal of the French Navy. Such" Mistral "in fact — a giant floating conveyors with modern systems of command and control, navigation, communications and intelligence, a kind of helpless floating command posts, which should cover both the sea and with air other warships and aircraft, "- said the source in the General Staff.

"DVKD our Navy must not only control the actions of the various branches of the naval groups / surface ships, submarines, naval aviation / or interspecific action groups in the sea and ocean theaters of war, not only deliver and disembark the Marines on armored vehicles with using helicopters and landing craft, but must themselves have sufficient fire and striking power to be complete intrinsically safe multifunction warships in the composition of these groups, "- he stressed.

"Therefore, the Russian DVKD will be equipped with cruise missiles with increased range shooting, the latest anti-aircraft-missile defense and ASW / ASW — prim.TASS /", — concluded the source in the General Staff.

February 16 this year, Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky told reporters that DVKD type "Mistral", which will be built for Russia in France, will be equipped only with Russian weapons. "We’re going to put on our ships missiles for self-defense in order to increase the security of air defense," — said the admiral. "But the helicopter force component up to the implementation of the anti-tasks," — he said. Vysotsky said that these ships are more important than "item ship grouping, they can significantly enhance its potential." In this case, the commander in chief said that those vehicles that are built for the French Navy, no weapons.

June 17 last year, Commander of the Navy, commenting signed on the same day in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev contract worth $ 1.2 billion for the construction and delivery of the company DCNS Russian Navy two DVKD type "Mistral", said that "the presence on board of the class ships equipped command center allows you to control the forces of various sizes at any distance from the naval bases in the sea and ocean areas. " "The technologies of construction of such ships allow you to integrate into an existing project Russian weapons systems, including domestic amphibious landing craft and carrier aviation — said Vysotsky — This ship can be used as a command ship, coordinating the actions of groups to be deployed in all areas of the oceans for solutions peacekeeping and humanitarian tasks. Moreover, the capacity to provide humanitarian assistance to the population exceeds by its technical parameters applicable today, ships and boats, Russia several times. "

"It is these qualities ships of" Mistral "allow us to speak of the necessity and appropriateness of their use in the Russian Navy on the full range of tasks of general purpose forces in peace and war" — said the then commander in chief. 

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