Russian mobile advertising network WapStart reached one billion impressions per month

Network WapStart today announced that the first in Russia has reached the numbers of 1 billion mobile ad impressions per month.

"Certainly, the domestic mobile advertising is still a child compared to global Internet giants, but the rate of growth of the domestic mobile industry is quite high, and in 2011 we expect to have to get closer to world standards", — said Kirill Rozhkovsky, founder of the WapStart

First performance capacity at the level of 30 million requests per day were recorded WapStart in early January of this year. During the month, the volume of traffic is kept within 29 -33,000,000 every day, so in total by the end of January the network capacity is the order of 1 billion, the company said.

In February, the peak of activity of the network is already hosted on sites up to 37 million ad requests per day.

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