From Moscow to Sakhalin: amazing beauty of Russian landscapes. Russia — a huge unexplored country. Sometimes the attraction of exotic resorts, or the famous monuments of European architecture is much better known to us. But our country is rich equally impressive views. In the vastness of our great country has its own Africa, and Japan has its own, and its Canada. Proved the best photographers of Russia. presents snapshots of the most amazing and beautiful parts of Russia, which will not leave you indifferent. They encourage and inspire the perfect look around and learn to look at the nature of the same sensual, expressive and heartfelt, as it managed to authors of these works.

"Africa", photographer George Shpikalov. The picture shows the Yamal Peninsula.

"Flying by helicopter on rotational basis over the autumn tundra, I noticed the lake, which, together with a piece of land is very reminiscent of the western part of the African continent, shown on the map of the world."


"Giants of the Man-Pupu-Ner," photographer Sergei Makurin. Northern Ural Mountains, the ridge Man-Pupu-Ner.

"The legend reads:" Went to the Munsee-war giants Samoyeds. We climbed one of the peaks in the upper reaches of the Pechora and saw not far wrong in his anger Tagt-pulley blocks, Yalpyng-ner-oyku — a "holy old man at the top of the Ural Sos'va." Scared of their leader, shaman, and in fear threw his tambourine. Diamonds fell and became a mountain Koyp that the south ridge, and the giants themselves petrified and turned to stone pillars. " And now they are standing there. That's why this is called a node with high stone pillars on-Mansiysk Man-Pupu-Ner — "Small Ridge idols", and in the Komi bolvanoiz — "ridge boobs" as idols at Komi, and many Russian living in the north are called boobs.

"Dawn of a Japanese-style" photographer Oleg Grachev. Southern Urals, Muradymovskoe gorge.

"Photography is made in the natural park" Muradymovskoe gorge. " Usually at this time of year is a powerful fog, for which I have specially come to these places. But the hot-letom2010 gosluchilis fires, and in the air, instead of mist hung a mixture of smoke and dust, causing the color of the sun and turned out such unusual. "

"Scent of Spring", the photographer Roman Putintsev. The Black Sea coast, the end of May, the fog.

"The face of the ancient mirror of rest" photographer Elena Anosov, Lake Baikal

"In the heart of Lake Baikal. Olkhon, Burhan, Shaman. Baykalomagiya invisible threads permeates the space of the island, allowing you to see a piece of eternity and perfection of the ancient nature. In certain lights you can see the face on the right top of Shamanka. The picture was taken after sunset at slow shutter speeds. At night, the amazing clear water of the lake is mesmerizing even stronger. "

"Silence of the Stones", photographer Alexander Ermolitskii. Krasnoyarsk region, the natural park "Ergaki" Dream Lake

"Huge rocks overgrown with trees buttes, towering above the surface of the lake's dream. Noon, the fog, calm. In the summer by the lake almost every day there are groups of tourists, but not all notice the charm of this small mountain lake. "

"Snow Country", photographer Sergei Makurin. Northern Urals, Chief Ural Mountains.

"The best time to shoot in these amazing locations — November, December and January. When the day is very short, and the sun even at midday is very low on the horizon. When the morning light gradually turns into the evening, when the snow and wind make this place a real fairy tale. "

"Les array Achishkho" photographer Sergei Karpuhin. Krasnodar region, near Krasnaya Polyana

"One day in the beginning of May, I was able to go around Krasnaya Polyana, which will take place in the near future Winter Olympics. There is a separate local towering mountain Achishkho like getting up an outpost on the way from the sea to the Great Caucasus. It is famous for the increased rainfall. That's all the previous night, when we came down from the snowy peaks of the massif has a fragrant green forest, rain came. But in the morning he still stopped and plunged into the forest mist, making began to seem mysterious and fabulous human beings. "

"Lonely", photographer Oleg Grachev. South Ural, Orenburg.

"I was always attracted to single trees, in the vast steppes of Orenburg I met them often, and each had its own, unlike other face … Meet the little lonely tree among the bare hills of the mountains has long been a pleasant surprise, it is a tree, and "made" my frame. "

"In the frosty shore," photographer Vladimir Kirillov. Shaturskie Lake, Shatura

"There is a vast lake on the Russian territory — Podmoskovnaya Meschera. Of all the lakes located here, the largest — Shaturskie lakes located in the watershed of the rivers Ushmy and Paulie. Each season well under way, but at Shatourskiye lakes in all its glory it appears winter: the steam from the warm waters of lakes, especially in the cold days, abundant forms frost on the branches of trees, turning the shores of the lakes are crystal kingdom. What a nice walk around the lake in a frosty morning! "

"Colors of Autumn" photographer Michael Vershinin. Krasnoyarsk State Reserve "Krasnoyarsk Pillars"

"Fall at the Krasnoyarsk Pillars — my favorite time of the year. If early in the morning to climb up one of the peaks, you can watch the amazing view — a natural spectacle, where the actors will be the majestic cliffs and the sun, the taiga and fog, clouds, or some natural phenomenon. I can only understand the hidden secret of what is happening and to fix what they see. In this case, the fog covered the autumn taiga, backlit rising sun. It took about ten climbs early to catch this moment. "

"Evening Flight", a photographer Vladimir Serebryanskiy Primor, Nakhodka

"The whole day was a fog, and in the afternoon the sun came out, and I decided to go to the hill Brother to shoot Suchan mouth of the river at sunset. Even at the entrance to the Brother I saw him fly over several paragliders. When I climbed the hill and there was only one athlete. He helped his friends take off, and now he unsuccessfully tried to take off. I helped him catch the wind, and he took off on the first try! In gratitude, he flew a few minutes in front of me so I can make this shot. "

"Tolbachic" photographer Ivan Dementievsky. Kamchatka

"I came to shoot Klyuchevskaya volcano eruption, and I had to wait for the right moment for nearly a week. One day, in the morning was good weather, and I really liked the look of a small lake, reflection in it Tolbachik. "

"Pines on the marsh island in the morning mist" photographer Sergey Chubarov. Konakovskiy district, Tver region

"In the morning in the swamp sometimes insanely beautiful."

"Winter Evening on the Lake" photographer Andrew Ulyashev. Moscow, Shatura

"In February 2010 my friends and I went to Shaturskie lake. These beautiful places, especially in the fall and winter, has long been frequented by photographers in search of interesting shots. At the very evening on the icy lake was discovered by boat, which was immediately photographed on a background of the dying sunset colors. This here is a beautiful solitude Lost in the ice … "

"Breakwater" photographer Dmitry Kulagin. Kaliningrad region., The Baltic Sea

Buna — the most common bank protection structures on the coast of the Baltic Sea Kaliningrad. I like them. Like in stormy weather to climb the slippery rocks to the edge, where I was waiting for my wave ".

"Dandelions", photographer Dmitry Kulagin. Kaliningrad region. Vzmorevskoe forestry

"Frost. Which day are cold and heavy, leaden sky single color does not promise a miracle, but the severe cold and moist breath Atlantic put trees in the magical air of clothes, past the glow that can not pass indifferently, and I smiled at them and they smiled back. "

"Evening on the Lake condos," photographer Michael Migushin. Siberia, the Western Sayan Mountains, a nature park "Ergaki" Azure Lake

"By the end of the day, coming down from the pass," Sleeping Sayan, "I just got tired, I wanted to put up a tent and go to sleep. Fine drizzling rain did not add mood. I threw the backpack on the shores of the azure lake, was unpacked and did not notice as the sky began to clear. After a while I was shooting the lake from different angles. So there was this landscape reminds of Canadian nature, and full of happiness because it lacks only the Indians in a canoe. "

"In the fetters of wood," photographer Andrey Ivanov. Moscow, near Yakhromy

"On that day, decided to go skiing and, of course, took a camera with him. Near the highway was a tree, and on that day it was also beautifully framed by clouds. The difficulty lies in the fact that it was pretty cold (-23), and had a few meters to go almost to the waist through the snow. Well, in order to let the sun hit the center of the crown, and in order to make it more expressive perspective through the shadows of the tree, I had to lie down and in the snow. Because of my position when shooting clouds descended on the horizon that makes the photo a bit unrealistic, but no less beautiful. "

"Ocean winter", photographer Daniel Korzhonov. Moscow reg., Shatura, holy lake

"The photo was taken from a tree near the bridge over the lake duct. I had to climb quite high to see the entire landscape as the palm. When steam is spread along the surface of the lake at dawn — it gives a wonderful sense of peace. The quiet nature, quiet rustling of the wind, the music of the water and the old boat, as the leaves on the water — it is the very heart of Russia, my native Moscow. "

"Sakhalin" photographer Ivan Dementievsky. Sakhalin Island, Sea of Okhotsk

"Cloudy morning before dawn I went out on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea. Many-voiced cry of gulls barely heard over the noise of the waves. A light mist created an amazing, magical atmosphere. "

"Breath of the Abyss", photographer Dmitry Kulagin. Kaliningrad region., The Baltic Sea

"High Semba coast of the peninsula, soaked with moisture and podmyta autumn winter storms, are crumbling under its own weight, dragging the trees and shrubs. Somewhere it looks like falling off a cliff here — soft sliding into the abyss. It so happened that in the winter the most interesting part
of the coast is in the shade. There will be no sun at dawn, dusk, and will not, but if you're lucky, you can hear the echo of distant cannon fire … "

"Torrents of water kingdom," photographer Vadim Opalin. Ryazan region

"Who has ever seen in his life, as is spring water uncontrollably, who sailed on the flooded forest, that will attract a large water each year. It is difficult to put into words their feelings of floods. You disperse in the radiant blue of the sky in a dazzling white birch trunks in a childish game of sunbeams on the water. You can get lost in the woods, walking, not on wild berries and mushrooms, and sailing among the trees. "

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