Russian multi-touch display in 3D hit the road in life.

Russian multi-touch display, projecting the image on the air, got a million dollar investment Astrakhan developers display, with which you can create an image in the air, received seed investment from Leta Group and a number of private investors. The fall of the authors of the project are planning to launch their product into production.

Venture fund company Leta Group and a number of private investors have signed an agreement to invest $ 1 million in Russian startup DisplAir. The company was founded in 2009 in Astrakhan and develops interactive bezekrannogo display, which creates a full-color image is physically permeable to air. It can be driven in either a single touch, and in the mode multi-touch.

To date DisplAir is a resident of "Skolkovo" and an IT park in Kazan, and the total value of the company is estimated at $ 6 million stake, transferred to investors, the company did not disclose. In a number of private investors have invested in the project, including business angel Esther Dyson (Esther Dyson), which is a member of the board of directors of "Yandex", the president of the venture fund EDventure Holdings (initial investor Flickr), Pierre Vibert, CFO at Rasec Vostok, Alex Kichaykin , Director of Corporate Finance "Renaissance Capital", Igor Pichugin, director of partner programs RVC, and others.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but Leta said its investment is a "big part of the package." In February 2012, when DisplAir to announce the opening of seed round of venture capital financing, it offered the first investors "at a reduced price to join the authorized capital of the company." In Leta said that the second round of funding should go to the end of 2012 is expected in the course of his company will receive funds from other institutional investors and rating DisplAir grow to the point at times.

On the establishment of venture investment fund Leta reported recently. A company representative Valentin Krokhin notes that DisplAir was the first project in which his company invested the fund, but by the time of its inception, the company has accumulated rich experience in investing, which previously held mainly either in the form of acquiring companies with their entry into the group or by opening new routes. The fund was created in order to make the investment more structured, says Krokhin. The main directions of its investments is information security, software development, Internet and mobile technologies.

In DisplAir say that technically their solution consists of a device that displays an image on a thin flow of treated air with tiny particles of moisture (3 microns) that do not freeze to -50 ° C, and in fact are solid because of the small size and strong surface tension. Thus, the stream remains dry to the touch and does not leave wet marks. With the help of optical camera systems and computer vision to DisplAir implemented multi-image control.

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"While our development is seen as a unique advertising and information media, alternative cumbersome multi-touch panels, — said the representative of DisplAir Michael Bezruk. — In the future, the development team plans to make DisplAir a unique, interactive 3D modeling tool, but the idea is still in development. "

Reportedly, the seed stage investments will be made to bring the product to a commercial use and run semi-industrial production. Bezruk told that in order to become ready to develop a commercial product, it is necessary to stabilize the image as through structural and aerodynamic improvements, and with the help of software innovations. Those structural changes will help to minimize noise devices, he says. In addition, it is necessary to manufacture and supply of components.

The company said that the first-sale solutions are planned in October. At the same time appointed to the start of "a semi-industrial production." The question of where to be produced equipment for solutions, not yet resolved, talk to DisplAir. "We consider the various options of free economic zones and special industrial parks. Quite certain that the production in the near future will not be imposed abroad, and the company will remain Russia ", — said Bezruk.

Source: CNews

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