Russian n — sty launched a massive migration to the U.S.

The growth of appeals Russian gays for political asylum in the United States associated with the recent law banning promotion of non-traditional relationships, according to the Ural PTA. "Parents" do not hide the fact that the migration of the supporters of same-sex relationships pleases them.

"Let them go where they want. The more, the better.After all, our task — to protect children from such information, "- says the president of the parent committee of the Ural Eugene Zhabreev.

According to him, the increasing demand in the U.S. for asylum due to the recent "antigeyskim law," reports Nakanune.TV.

"Do not take offense at anyone — it is a just law. The fact that they supposedly fear and move somewhere — that’s their problem. Apparently, they were brought up: that they are gay parades, they are scared. But we’ve got to get people a little bit, let them turn around to face us. You can not all bring so much "- outraged defender of traditional relationships.

Social activist urges same-sex couples with respect to moral principles.

"They have to respect us and treat us to understand. If they do not like our laws, then we are not to blame. But do not walk down the street holding hands kissing, especially in children, "- said Zhabreev.

Recall that in America seeing an increase in petitions gays from Russia for political asylum. So, this year, there were 35 request. A year ago, the U.S. authorities have received 65 similar requests. Thus in 2011 there were about 35 queries, that is almost two times less. And before that, in 2010, and earlier, these requests were rare. Meanwhile, fans of asylum in the United States same-sex relationships do not promise. The first thing America makes gays in Jamaica. There convicted of gay people are being imprisoned for 9 years.

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