Russian Nanotechnology News: nanodoska

Two healthy guy, just for fun, decided to pay a prepreg regular board and see what happens. I do not know how to score drugs, but sex and rock ‘n’ roll in the video are. Do not try this at home.



Brief information:

Prepregs — composite materials, semi-finished products. These reinforcing materials to increase the strength and other physical and chemical properties. In this case — out of the ordinary board made very solid.

Also as in the automotive industry, prepregs used in the manufacture of helicopters and aircraft. Dentures are also doing — that they are strong and light, beginning to be widely used in construction to strengthen the structures. I’m really not talking about bicycle frames, skis with poles, snowboards and more.

And then the nanotechnology? Carbon called nanotech products is in principle possible, but at a stretch, here is a reinforcing material (carbon fiber) is in the polymer matrix epoxy binder nanomodified =) (thanks, wiki!).

And here is a video about the production of prepregs themselves:


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