Russian national hockey team beat the Finns in shootouts in the match Euro Tour

Russian hockey team defeated the team in shootouts Finland rendered game of the third stage of European Tour — Swedish games.

  • Russian hockey team
  • Russian hockey team

PETERSBURG, February 6 — R-Sport.Hockey playersTeam RussiaShootout team defeated Finland in the rendered gamethe third stage of European Tour — Swedish Games.

The meeting, held in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, ended with the score 4:3 (0:2, 1:0, 2:1, 0:0, 1:0) in favor of the Russians.

Yuhamatti Aaltonen scored two goals in the national team of Finland, distinguishing himself once for 7 th and 16 th minutes. The team Zinetula Bilyaletdinov took the initiative, and it includes a goal scored by Anton Belov (for 25 minutes), Alexander Perezhogin (46 minutes) and Vadim Shipachev (50 minutes), but 60 minutes into the hat Aaltonen -trick and turned the meeting into overtime. Extra time ended in a draw, and the decisive bullet sold Viktor Tikhonov.

Failure to start the team Bilyaletdinov

Russian hockey team actively began the meeting, forcing the guests for the first shift break the rules. Implement most Russians have failed, although a good time was Sergei Mozyakina. Owners of the ice and in equal compositions continued to increase the pressure on the opponents’ goal, but gradually the Finns managed to level the game, and then open the account. Aaltonen on the 7th minute threw on goal from the middle of the zone, an indoor players Vasily Koshechkin not seen since the throw and the puck slipped his hand under the goalkeeper Russia — 0:1.

Team Finland for the first time was in the majority in the 15th minute and immediately embodied numerical superiority into a goal. If the first Finnish attack the Russians managed to repel the efforts of the defense blocked the puck on a dime, then immediately after the face-off Finns managed to double the advantage. Aaltonen on 16 minutes, making the transfer to the far post, but the puck hitting the horse Evgeny Biryukov, bounced into the goal — 0:2.

The Russian national team back in the game and comes out

Beginning of the second period left for the Russian team, which managed to bring the advantage of a goal in the 25th minute, playing in the majority. Belov powerful clicking on the blue line sent the puck into the goal guests — 1:2. After the Russian team scored three times in succession played in the majority, but proved to be great Biryukov, not just saved the home ice of the third goal. Another time after a blunder Russians in their own zone Finns popping "two zero", but the puck hit the crossbar.

The Russians got a great chance to equalize just under four minutes before the end of the second segment of the game. Owners of the ice playing three against five, and at the same time one of the players of the national team Suomi remained without a stick. As a result, the team Bilyaletdinov and failed to use a numerical majority.

Russian team managed to win back in the 46th minute. Perezhogin thrown out of the gate, and the puck, landed in the Finnish national team goalkeeper, bounced into the goal — 2:2. In less than five minutes, as the owners of the ice for the first time in the match could go ahead. Alexander Radulov for 50 minutes won the battle at the gate and in the fall to pass the ball to Shipacheva who throw up close left no chance to score — 3:2.

Aaltonen draws up a hat-trick and takes the game into overtime

Finns rushed to the losses, but the Russians reliably playing defense. Over 3.19 before the end of the third segment of the game Team Finland was in a numerical majority after removing Perezhogina. Jukka Jalonen took a timeout, and after 50 seconds, replaced the goalie Atte Ingres for the sixth field hockey player. Guests are able to even the score after 38 seconds before the final siren. Aaltonen advantage of a mistake by the home ice throwing puck out of their zone and scored a hat-trick, turning the game into overtime — 3:3.

In overtime, the game at 4 on 4 Team Russia looked better opponent to score but the hosts could not get ice. Great moments were at Perezhogina, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Shipacheva, but the goalkeeper was at the height of the Finns. During the 27 seconds before the end of overtime Russian team won the numerical majority, Bilyaletdinov took time out, however, to realize the numerical advantage the Russians did not work, and had to identify the winner in the shootout. More successful post-match throws in the evening played host ice crucial of which realized a player SKA St. Petersburg Viktor Tikhonov.

The next match of the Russian national team will hold on Saturday, February 9, already in Malmo hosts of the tournament against the Swedes. The game will start at 20.30 MSK.

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