Russian national weightlifting at the end in Paris world championships showed the best result in recent history

On Sunday in Paris ended with the World Cup in weightlifting. A total of 15 complete sets of awards. Russian team won eight medals in Nordic combined — four gold, three silver and one bronze. The winning team of China (6-4-3), became third weightlifters of Kazakhstan (2-2-0).

On the top step of the podium in Paris rose Russians Khadzhimurat Akka (Weight category up to 105 kg) Hope Evstyuhina (75 kg) Oksana Slivenko (69 kg) and Svetlana Tsarukaeva (63 kg).

Svetlana Tsarukaeva became a champion, setting a world record in the snatch (117 kg).


"Emotionally, I was ready to climb into a 120, but had to be sure to collect your weight, — the words of the winner RIA" Novosti ". — Because it’s not the championship when I was young and could refer to something that in front of me a great opportunity to take it for sure. I have not had a chance. "

But all ahead of Hope Evstyuhinoy. 23-year-old athlete after winning the World Cup puts the highest goals for the upcoming Olympics.

"I was tuned to a good result at the World Championships, a medal — she said. — Perform all she had planned. Due to its spirit, focus is achieved such results and won medals. The first time I won the world championship and world record for the second time established for the first time made it to the European Championships this year. I am very happy and pleased with myself, it encourages me to further training. I put maximum effort and wants to go to the Olympics and win them. "

Khadzhimurat Akka sake of the gold medals in the year gave up all worldly pleasures and totally focused on training. "Everything that I have been going to this year, I did — said Akka. — Now, you know, feeling such as chip on my shoulder.

I devoted an entire year. Gave up everything. This means I have not seen their loved one year from 26th October 2010 — the father, mother, brothers — did not see anyone.
I was not at home. I am fully dedicated himself to training and asked Almighty God to me to pay. In the end, my prayers, my prayers have been heard and loved ones World Championship gold mine. Now I will rest with the new year and start preparing for the Olympic Games. "

Oksana Slivenko was originally the leader of the competition, and keep in the first place was very difficult.

"It’s just not the strength to rejoice — Slivenko said. — When so difficult given the competition, then a very great satisfaction comes. But each time you are becoming more aware of how much heavier and heavier, and have even strength is not enough to rejoice. But the desire to achieve something still saves. "

The number of victories in the all-around Russians showed the best result in recent history. Last more than four wins the USSR national team in the 1991 World Cup in Germany Donaushengene (five gold medals in all-around). Women’s team Rossiipokazala best result in history, winning the team event at the same time. Russian men’s team came in third.

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