Russian navigators for Vodochody

  • Electronic Chart System
  • Electronic Chart System

The company "Transas" signed a contract to equip the Russian river cruise fleet, LLC "Vodohod" electronic chart systems ECDIS / ECDIS 270 of its own production. This was December 14, 2012 According to the press service of the company "Transas".

As part of a phased program of equipping the fleet, LLC "Vodohod" the company "Transas" set of 26 ships ECDIS electronic chart systems / ECDIS 270, which will enable a new level of equipment of vessels with modern navigation equipment and improve the safety of navigation.

Mapping systems are adapted for sea and river vessels and mixed "river-sea" sailing. The equipment includes a number of features designed specifically for use on inland waterways.

Note that the company "Transas" will perform a full range of installation of navigation equipment under the key. The program will run until 2014.

Recall that the shipping company "Vodohod" — Russia’s largest river cruise. Geography of the company today covers the entire European part of Russia.

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