Russian Navy: 45 years ago for the first time on the Pamir was airlifted military unit

45 years ago for the first time on one of the highest peaks of the Pamir was airlifted military unit. For the first time in the history of the world parachuting one of the highest peaks of the Pamir — Lenin Peak (7134 m) — was thrown out of the Soviet paratroopers landing.

Unique action was accomplished July 24, 1968 at the intersection of scientific and technological discoveries, held under the command of officers of the Airborne Troops (VDV), the Central Red Army parachute club (now — the 309th special physical training center and the survival of airborne).  

This is our correspondent informed in the press service of the Defense Ministry and the Russian Federation.

In desantirovanii was attended by 46 people, most of whom were soldiers of the Airborne Troops: 36 conscripts and 10 athletes paratroopers.

Preparations for dropping the Lenin peak was conducted during the year. A team of 300 of the best climbers, scientists, Airborne Airborne service staff, designers, special equipment was preparing a group of brave adventurers to the most important in their lives jump, unfortunately, for the four parties became the last landing.

"It is important to note that this was a group of military units landing in extreme conditions of high mountains, and not just a group jump for the record books. Soviet troops in 1968 has demonstrated that he is able to perform combat training missions on the ground with any type of terrain and in the most extreme physical and geographical conditions ", — said the Deputy Commander of the Airborne Troops for airborne training, Major General Andrew Kholzyakov.

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