Russian Navy adopted a new corvette


Project 20380 corvette "Guarding"

The Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy has adopted a corvette "savvy", the first production vehicle designed by 20380. This was stated by head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun. St. Andrew’s flag was hoisted on the corvette at 13:00 Moscow time on 14 October 2011. Previously, "Savvy" was a series of factory and state tests, which have been found to be successful.

"Savvy" is the second Project 20380 corvette and the first production in this ship. It was launched on March 31, 2010, and in April 2011 began sea trials. The first ship of Project 20380 — "Guarding" — became part of the Baltic Fleet in 2008. Serial ship type "Guarding" is different from the head of the project corvette modified design the hull and superstructure.


Currently, the St. Petersburg "Severnaya Verf" is building the third and fourth Project 20380 corvettes. One of them — "Courageous" — was laid May 27, 2005 and launched on 15 April 2011. It is expected that he will be part of the Baltic Fleet in 2012. The fourth ship of Project 20380 — "Perfect" was laid June 30, 2006. Its launch is scheduled for 2012. This corvette has to enter the Pacific Fleet.

The need for the Russian Navy corvettes like "Guarding" is estimated to be 30 units. At present, the order of the Ministry of Defence of Russia on such ships is planned to build 20 corvettes. It should be noted that the Court of 20380 are the first warships built in Russia under the official name of class "corvette". First in the Soviet and Russian Navy class corvettes are not separately distinguished.

Displacement 20380 corvette is 2.2 million tons at the length of one hundred meters and a width of 13 meters. The ship is capable of speeds up to 27 knots and the range of its course is four thousand miles. The ships are armed with 20380 100-mm universal artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems, supersonic missiles and automatic gun mounts. Air group includes a ship Ka-27PL

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