Russian Navy continues to work on the creation of heavy nuclear aircraft carrier

Russian Navy continues to work on the creation of heavy nuclear aircraft carrier

Once again become a hot topic for the construction of new aircraft of the Russian Navy. December 3, 2012 representatives of the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) of the Government of the Russian Federation said that the work on the creation of languid nuclear aircraft carrier is in continuous and with the highest voltage.

«Designing the ship must end by 2018, then begin its construction», — said the representative of the MIC.

This post has confirmed made by 3 days of earlier statement Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov about getting adequate SRI specification for development of the form of an aircraft carrier and has already allocated funds for this project.

«We have to realize what should be the carrier and, most importantly, the need to have such a class ships» — quoted Admiral business newspaper «Sight».

V.Chirkov said that the development of an aircraft carrier pilot project should be completed within the State applets weapons until 2020.

Work on the languid nuclear aircraft carrier

Photography — «Military Parity»

But note that only recently were yet in the position of Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov claimed as funds to build the aircraft carrier in the State programmke weapons until 2020 is not provided. Accordingly, any plans at the War Department on the development of the project either.

According to Serdyukov, the Defense Ministry did not really understand what could be the view of the future aircraft carrier and its technical abilities. Meanwhile, in the MIC now confident they say that Russia needs an aircraft carrier, which will not just be a carrier aircraft, and joining in the functions of the ship management and massive percussion tools.

He must control the actions of interspecific groupings on coastal, marine and oceanic theaters himself being a part of one of these groups. To solve the puzzles of this aircraft carrier is necessary to conduct interaction with the constellation to receive from her intelligence and targeting, transfer their surface and submarine forces, naval aviation, coastal defense troops of the Navy, Air Force, including strategic, ground forces, troops arms .

Aircraft carrier must be able to strike the sea surface and ground targets by the use of carrier-based aircraft, as staff strike missile systems and complexes. According to the representative of the military-industrial complex, displacement carrier will exceed 50 thousand tons, which is more than a single finding at this point in the battle of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov», but less than in modern U.S. aircraft carriers. In its hangars should fit about 80 carrier-based aircraft.

Project development is a broad cooperation shipbuilding institutes and design bureaus, which are parent 1st CRI Defense Ministry and named Krylov Central Research Institute, located in St. Petersburg. However, the amount allocated for the project institutions, has no name.

About it in the newspaper «Independent Military Review» says Oleg Vladykin.

Russian Navy continues to work on the creation of heavy nuclear aircraft carrier
First AVMA last generation «Gerald R. Ford» (CVN-78)

Discussions about how to be a new aircraft carrier, go long. So, for example, March 2, 2009 Managing Destinations defense procurement United Shipbuilding Company (USC), Vice-Admiral Anatoly helmets opened Russian properties of the latest generation of aircraft carriers.

The latest generation of aircraft carrier for the Navy of the Russian Federation will be atomic, and have a displacement of up to 60 thousand tons. It is planned to build at least three ships of the Northern and Pacific fleets. In the future, this number can be reduced to 6. This was reported on the website Web portal Energy Society.

Scientists and engineers have begun work on a model of the future of the ship, and his view is already defined. Currently, produced demands tactical and technical tasks, performed technical tips, the dates for the start of construction of an aircraft carrier last generation.

Should be based on the aircraft carrier new carrier aircraft, which will replace the Su-33. This plane will be the fifth generation with traditional horizontal takeoff and landing. Apart from this, the ship will get drones, whose development has also begun. Leads them, namely, the concern «Vega».

Russian Navy continues to work on the creation of heavy nuclear aircraft carrier
Model Tri-carrier development Northern PKB

Russian Navy continues to work on the creation of heavy nuclear aircraft carrier
Tri Rusich, development Zelenodol PKB

On an aircraft carrier will not cruise missiles, as practiced by Russian and Russian aircraft carrier, as it will do just function as intended. «All of the vehicle design should be designed for the home and fly airplanes, which themselves are carriers for themselves instruments of percussion» — A. Helms singled.

Place until the construction of new aircraft is not precisely defined. Currently, we consider two options — Baltic Shipyard and «Sevmash». First has experience in building civilian vessels of up to 100 thousand tons, and the second to build a ship with a nuclear power plant.

As noted by A. Helms, «overcome the highest quality and least overhead project.» What will be the promising Russian aircraft carrier, time will tell.

Stachys Zaremba

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