Russian Navy News: Corvette Guarding went on an unofficial

visit to Stockholm

Corvette "Guarding" the flag of the commander of the Baltic naval base of the Baltic Fleet (BF) Captain 1st Rank Igor Osipov May 31 came from the Baltic Sea and headed for Stockholm.

Unofficial visit to the ship in the port of BF Stockholm of Sweden will go from 1 to 5 June, in accordance with the annual program of cooperation between the naval forces of Sweden and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. On board the corvette "Guarding" is Staff Orchestra BF and a platoon of Marines.

The program of the visit includes protocol meetings with representatives of the Swedish Navy, visit corvette employees of the Russian Embassy in Sweden and the Swedish Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ian Ternkvistom and orchestra concert Staff BF and demonstrations Marines.

 During their stay in a foreign port the Russian sailors go sightseeing in Stockholm, with excursions to visit the museums of the city, will make the exchange mess. On the last day of his visit to the palace Kalberg held a friendly football match between Russian and Swedish sailors.

Over the past three years, the mutual visits of military delegations and ships have become a good tradition in the relations between the seamen Russia and Sweden. Thus, in December 2010 the commander of the Navy of Sweden with an unofficial visit to St. Petersburg, where he met with the commander of the Baltic Fleet.

In April 2011, a detachment of warships BF in the small missile ships "Geyser" and "swell" under the flag of the commander of the Baltic Naval Base unofficial visit to the Swedish port of Karlskrona. In September 2011, the delegation visited the Baltic Fleet Marines 1st amphibious training and mobilization Regiment) Swedish Navy (Berg, a suburb of Stockholm). In October 2011, the commander of the Baltic Fleet with a group of officers visited Stockholm.

In August 2012 the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet Baltiysk visited with business calling minesweepers "Wing" and "Ulf" Swedish Navy. The Swedish side then was represented by two delegations — naval delegation and a group of officers of the Royal Navy Marines. In October of last year took place in Kaliningrad protocol meeting the vice-commander of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Viktor Kravchuk with the Swedish Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ian Ternkvistom. [/ Cut]

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