Russian Navy ships are formally under repair. Part 2

Did such a review. Interesting view of readers of the site.

But if you will strain our Navy, he could put up against dozens of enemy ships is extremely powerful … but, for now, officially, many of them in repair, for conservation, or in general, are prepared to write off the hope of modernization. Review of the list of these vessels is shown below. The division made by the fleets.

Baltic Fleet:

23. Destroyer "Restless" (1992 onwards)

24. Small missile ship "Passat" (1990 onwards)

25. Small anti-submarine ship "Aleksin" (1989 onwards)

The Black Sea Fleet:

26. Small anti-submarine ship "Vladimirets" (1990 onwards)

27. Missile boat "P 71" (1985 onwards)

28. Diesel-electric submarine, the "Hero of Sevastopol Artem Titarenko" (1981 onwards)

Pacific Fleet:

29. The cruiser "Admiral Lazarev" (1984 onwards)

30. Destroyer "Battle" (1986 onwards)

31. Destroyer "Stormy" (1988 onwards)

32. Destroyer "Fearless" (1990 onwards)

33. Multipurpose nuclear submarine torpedo with cruise missiles (MPLATRK) K-263 "Barnaul" (1987 onwards)

34. MPLATRK K-322 "Sperm Whale" (1988 onwards)

35. MPLATRK K-132 "Irkutsk" (1988 onwards)

36. MPLATRK K-391 "brotherly" (1989 onwards)

37. MPLATRK K-442 "Chelyabinsk" (1990 onwards)

38. MPLATRK K-331 "Magadan" (1990 onwards)

39. MPLATRK K-419 "Kuzbass" (1992 onwards)

40. MPLATRK K-150 "Tomsk" (1996 onwards)

41. Missile submarine strategic K-44 "Ryazan" (1982 onwards)

42. Diesel-electric submarine "B-394" (1988 onwards)

43. Diesel-electric submarine "B-187" (1991 onwards)

That’s all. I would be happy additions and corrections. Clarifications, if not exactly photo. Thank you for your attention. And yes, you give all of the above in turn!

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