Russian Navy: Ships BF came back from a long voyage

Large landing ship (BDK) "Kaliningrad" (commander commander George Degtyarev) and the tanker "Cola" (commander Czeslaw Ignatovitch) Baltic Fleet returned to the military harbor of Baltiysk problems long after the voyage.

Crew BDK "Kaliningrad" in the campaign was almost 8 months, carrying Andrew’s flag across the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas.

During this time the ship had traveled more than 32 thousand nautical miles, perform a routine visit to the port of Beirut (Lebanese Republic).  
During the trip the crew performed a complex combat training tasks, including the exercise of air defense and anti-submarine, ship drills and exercises, as well as artillery fire.

At a solemn meeting dedicated to meeting the ships, attended by representatives of the command of the fleet, the administration of Baltiysk, and relatives and friends of sailors of the Baltic Fleet.

Deputy Commander of the Baltic Fleet to work with the staff captain Oleg Molchanov on behalf of the Military Council of the Baltic Fleet congratulated the crews on the successful completion of tasks long ocean voyage and wished them every success in combat training.

In a solemn ceremony commander BDK "Kaliningrad" Captain 3rd Rank George Degtyarev and 5 crew members were awarded the medal "For Military Merit" 2nd degree.

Distinguished themselves in the long voyage servicemen were awarded valuable gifts from the command of the fleet. The ship returned from a long voyage technically serviceable and ready after updating the necessary supplies to perform assigned tasks.

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