Russian Navy successfully launched the Blue,

Nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine of the Northern Fleet, "Yekaterinburg" May 20 conducted a successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, "The blue".

"Start implemented from the Barents Sea on board the nuclear submarine" Yekaterinburg "from a submerged position. At the estimated time of warheads missiles ‘The blue’ reached the polygon ‘Kura’ in Kamchatka, "- said the officer.

He added that the training launch was held in the framework of checking the reliability of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia.

"The blue" — a three-stage liquid ballistic missile submarines of the third generation entered service in 2007. Used to launch the D-9RMU2, which are equipped with the strategic submarine cruisers of Project 667 (BDRM) "Dolphin" … Its length — about 15 meters in diameter — 1.9 meters, the starting weight — more than 40 tons. Missile system allows simultaneous and single satellite launches when driving at depths up to 55 meters and at speeds up to 7 knots. Flight distance "Blue," — more than 10,000 kilometers.

Length AIC "Ekaterinburg" — 167 meters, width — 12 meters, displacement — 12,000 tons. The maximum depth is 400 meters, the crew — 140 people. In his arsenal — 16 ballistic missiles, "The blue".

As expected, the "Blue," will be in service with the Russian Navy until at least 2030.

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