Russian Neovaskulgen innovative drug in the U.S.

The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) invited representatives Institute of Human Stem Cells (HSCI) to speak at the 16th Annual International Conference in Salt Lake City and talk about the third world gennoterapevticheskom preparation Neovaskulgen,
developed in the HSCI.

ASGCT Conference is an important event in the field of gene and cell therapy, highlights the advanced technology and advances represents a pioneering clinical trial results. This year, the 4-day event (15-18 May), attended by specialists Bole 1700. With plenary lectures were given by Nobel laureates Mario Capecchi and David Baltimore.

The specialists were presented two innovative drugs for gene therapy. Artur Isaev,
Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 in the field of high technology, CEO HSCI told about the Russian «first in class» preparation Neovaskulgen, intended for the treatment of lower limb ischemia. The drug is a circular DNA carrying a human VEGF 165 gene coding for the synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factor.  

"At the conference on the part of foreign developers and researchers to the Institute of Human Stem Cells and to the drug Neovaskulgen was a lot of interest" — comments Artur Isaev— "We have received proposals for joint development of both drugs being developed by American colleagues and to promote Neovaskulgena U.S.. Until the end of 2013, we plan to explore all possibilities for the development of Neovaskulgena in the United States. I would also like to note that our American colleagues were very interested in HSCI developed medical technology «SPRS-therapy" for correction of age-related skin changes and scar patient’s own cells — fibroblasts. The technology was introduced into the Russian market of aesthetic medicine in 2010 and currently is in Moscow’s leading dermatological and cosmetic clinics. "

Professor of Dutch biotechnology company uniQuro, Sander van Deventer told about the drug Glybera Gene therapy for a rare genetic disease — deficiency lipoproteinazy (LPL).

Glybera— The fourth in the world after Neovaskulgena, gennoterapevtichesky drug has received official approval. The first country to permit the use of drugs for gene therapy, was China, where since 2003, authorized and officially used in clinical practice, two gennoterapevticheskih preparation — Gendicine and Oncorine, SiBiono GeneTech Co-designed and intended for the treatment of severe head and neck cancer.


In Russia, registration certificate Neovaskulgen ® received December 7, 2011 (№ PL-000671). The decision to include the drug in the state register of medicinal products for medical use has been made by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the basis of the findings of its efficacy and safety results of pre-clinical and clinical studies. Sales of the Russian market began in late 2012.

Neovaskulgen ® is designed to treat patients with chronic lower limb ischemia (CLLI). The disease is caused by clinical manifestations of atherosclerotic leg vessels (narrowing of the blood vessels and reducing road). In the severe form — the so-called critical limb ischemia (CLI) — a disease threatens the necessity of amputation.

Neovaskulgen ® opens up a new approach in the treatment of ischemia — the application of evolutionary programmed process of formation and growth of blood vessels. This mechanism of action called therapeutic angiogenesis. The drug is a circular DNA carrying the human VEGF 165 gene coding for the synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF — Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor). By stimulating the formation and growth of collateral vessels Neovaskulgen ® intended to provide a long therapeutic effect and improve the quality of life for patients. According to clinical studies, the therapeutic effect after the course Neovaskulgena ® stored up to 2 years. It is assumed that the mechanism of drug action can provide a long-lasting effect — patient monitoring will continue for 5 years.

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