Russian nuclear power plant ahead of the schedule for the production of electricity

Russian nuclear power plant at the beginning of the month has traditionally published reports about the amount of electricity generated in the past month. In particular, power units Kalinin NPP in June developed 2,244,000,000 kWh (104.1%). In the power system released 2,115,000,000 kWh (104.3%). The capacity factor (load factor) in June amounted to 77.93% (74.86% at the plan).

Since the beginning of the year unit of Kalinin NPP generated 13.215 billion kWh of electricity to the grid allotted 12.482 billion kWh

Rostov NPP completed June plan for power generation at 102.4%. With the planned amount to 1.368 billion kWh of electricity actually generated 1,400 billion kWh The capacity factor (load factor) for June 2013 was 97.26% in terms of 95%. The Federal Tariff Service approved a plan for the Rostov nuclear power plant for electricity generation in 2013 in the amount of 15.985 billion kWh of electricity.

In turn, the power units Smolensk NPP developed for June 1 billion 362 million kilowatt hours of electricity. Since the beginning of the year produced 10 billion 290 million kilowatt hours over the plan — 1 billion 833 million kilowatt hours.

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